Bilawal Zardari visits US to represent Pakistan???

  • WTF???

    Why a Teenager visits USA on his DAD's Official trip?

  • Lolz

    Here's another 'echo'.... probably an intentional one!!

    This is not a teenager visiting on his dad's official trip. It's Bilawal's trip as leader of PPP and offspring of BB allowing his ugly father (in seerat as well as soorat) to run the show for a while ;-)

  • The opposition of a political party or a leader doesn't justify to criticize everything.

    There is no sense to make this an issue.

    It is just like to create an elephant out of mouse.

    What you people would write where on foreign trips we witnessed,

    Indira Gandhi with Pandit Nehru, Fatima Jinnah with M. A. Jinnah, Nasim Aurangzeb with Ayub Khan, Benazir with Z.A. Bhutoo, Chelsea Clinton with Bill Clinton (and a long list)?

  • Is this something to be pissed off?? Or we are used to piss off ourselves?

  • Sorry Oriel,

    I honestly didn't see that this topic was already posted.


    Please don't tell us that cuz some one did something wrong in the past actually justify the wrong doings of our your present ruler!

    Apart from that you make me laugh Mr Shikra!

    You are actually indirectly comparing "Bilawal" ( A kid ) with Fatimah Jinnah and Indra Ghandi!!!

    Why a Teenager was made the chairman of PPP is another question but unlike few people on this forum, I don't believe in Shukseeyat parastee!

  • The appointment, selection or election of Bilawal as chairman PPP is a different issue. That issue could be debated at a separate thread. (The issue has been discussed at the forum a year before and the debate was killed).

    To accompany the family members for the purpose of political grooming could not be and should not be objected.

    Indira Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, Nasim Aurangzeb, Nasim Wali Khan, Fatima Jinnah were involved with a motive of political training.

    The objection upon the inclusion of Bilawal as a member of the delegation is too mean and cheap to be highlighted.

  • @Shikra Sb

    May be its just an excuse the honorable members have found to release their frustration and anger on current Political Set-up. One can discuss the pros and cons of taking family members like Wife, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters with political delegations. But seemingly this post was only meant for cursing and imprecation.

    It is said your mouth starts working faster thn your brain when you are angry.

  • I am just asking that a country like Pakistan considering the current crucial time and challenges, can we afford to send a teenager like Bilawal Zardari to represent Pakistan or take decisions on behalf of the Nation.

    Its not frustration or anger its the question of principal and logic that a country like Pakistan who is begging in front of IMF and other countries for monetary help and aid.

    Its an vital example of nepotism and this is not a family trip....


  • this shows how serious this trip was taken by loser zardari

  • See where wrong questions can take us???

  • Here is another no ball from Mr.MF Khan.

    "Bilawal Zardari to represent Pakistan"

    He was not there to represent Pakistan, my dear scholar!

    He was provided with a chance to learn the etiquettes of International Diplomacy. Nothing wrong with that.

    He might come up as a better politician than his father.

    The personalities I mentioned in my previous post, accompanied their fathers/husbands on Official and Diplomatic trips.

    My parents also took me to the Mosque to teach the method of prayers when I was in the Middle School.

  • stop...stop...stop

    Bilawal is the chairperson of PPP.

    the biggest political power of Pakistan.

    so he has a right to go anywhere and everywhere where his loser Dad wanna him to come along.

    think...if he is not going to Tag along...

    how he will learn to LICK THE BOOTS?

    its the part of his training ...

    Samjha karein...

  • IJay ,

    i am posting your comment here ...

    as you have started the similar thread.

    here is your comment....

    Daddy ! i wanna meet obama please!

    was it some kind of family get together?

  • So Mr. Shikra ,

    When you used to go with your father to the mosque, was your father charging the expenses from the business or the company he worked for?

    Please dont mix up the things and btw at mosque your were not representing your family... I hope you got my point.


  • @MF Khan ,

    i am putting your comment here you had started the same topic thread ...and i am joining them all in one thread is your comment.


    Why that kid is in the delegation aato US?

    Is he matured enough that he can take decisions for people of Pakistan?

    Shame on all of us!!

    Wake up Pakistanis!!! Otherwise another imported leader is getting ready to rule you

  • Bilawal Bhutto is leader of PPP to whom people of Pakistan have voted into Power. Get off your mind this anti PPP phobia.

    Fatima Jinnah with Quaide-e- Azam, Indira Gandhi with Pandit Nehru, , Nasim Aurangzeb with Ayub Khan, Benazir with Z.A. Bhutoo, Chelsea Clinton with Bill Clinton.

    But when it comes to PPP the usual haterd of filthy mentality comes in to action.

  • @sHIKRA...

    No Offence but that was the result of you going to Mosque that today you think that Quran is not a word of Allah but written by a human... :)

  • If I break the news to you guys that Bilawal Zardari is not taking the shots in USA (in other words he is not making decisions for Pakistan), will it be alright for you?

    Or you have problem with his presence??

  • What i am concerned is not that Bilawal is there or not. His father has every right to groom his son. What i am concerned is that if Zardari is paying his sons expensives himself or its the tax money of pakistanis.

    Secondly when he stopped for his PRIVATE VISIT in london, then his team who stopped in london. Who was paying for that Zardari or the tax money/blood money.

  • @letsDoit,

    it was our blood money...

    as u know Bilawal is a YATEEM and MISKEEN bacha of our nation...

    so we support him ....

    not for joy trips but his whole education abroad is being sponsored by poor Pakistanis.