PPP’s Great Foreign Policy – Most of Pakistani Ambassadors are from the party

  • To name the few:

    • Ambassador to USA

    • Ambassador to United Nation

    • Ambassador to UK

    Its shame that we do not have such capable officials to take care of these posts and represent Pakistan in the World.


  • why are you against ppp please direct you comments to zardari not ppp he hijacked it for his own good

  • Well he is the president of Pakistan and PPP as well.

    So you mean to say that he has hijacked Pakistan and PPP?

  • @Ijay,

    who ever is referring PPP these days ...is referring to what PPP is left with Zardari and co.

    rest of the PPP includes Raza Rabbani,Aitzaz Ahsan,Naheed Khan,Safdar Abbasi,Makhdon Amin and Sherry Rehman is already died or slow poisoned or become deaf n dumb by Zardari mafia .

    so if someone is talking about PPP.

    he/she is defiantely talking about what PPP is in present.

    and no PPP lover can dare to differ

    that present PPP led by Zaradri is a bunch of losers.

  • @MF Khan,

    PPP criteria to appoint some one is too high.

    u need to be a high level idiot to run the show.

    the bigger the post is ...

    the higher amount of inefficiency is required ......

    result is that

    they ends up appointing only their own ppl for these posts.

  • @Beenai Filthy anti PPP mentality...

    Wajid Shams-ul hassan was Ambassador to UK in BB time as well. Hussain Huqqani has been Ambassador before as well to Sri Lanka I think in Nawaz Sharif times and very close to BB his sister Farrah Isfhani is PPP MNA.

    Sherri was termed as a Witch by you Guys when she was Minister.

    None of you know that Nahid Khan resigned from MNA in BB time because of differences.

  • Wajid Shamsul-Hassan and Hussain Haqqani are one of the most competent persons of Pakistan. The way Wajid Shamsul-Hassan dealt the recent Pakisani students matter in UK was courageous and admirable. But when you are filled with mere hatered the only think you know to do is to "Critivize for the sack of criticism".

    @M. F Khan

    Do you have problem with Mr. Wajid Shamsul-Hassan, Hussain Haroon or Hussain Haqani due to their affiliation with PPP or do you have any problem with their competency??

    By the way there are many other competent ambassadors like

    China - Mr. Masood Khan

    Iran - Mr. M.B. Abbasi

    Italy - Ms. Tasnim Aslam

    and many more who have nothing to do with PPP. Go and check here for yourselves.


  • Mr. Hussain Haqqani

    Is he our ambassador or US ambassador in washington? It was will of PPP to make him our ambassador or it was an order from USA???

  • @Letsdoit

    May be personally you don't like Mr. Hussain Haqqani. But after listening to him, for me he makes lot of sense. He was very close to Mohtarma since 1996 and he was very instrumental when Mohtarma was lobbying in USA against dictatorship in Pakistan.

    I think your question is completely wrong, Pakistan's president is Asif Ali Zardari, and PM is Yusuf Raza Gillani. Good or bad, under pressure or over pressure they are the responsible persons for appointing Hussain Haqqani as US ambassador! It is that plain and simple.

    Let me again ask you the same question which i asked earlier...do you think he is unqualified to be ambassador or you just personally don't like him or u have objection with his affiliation with PPP?

  • "Mohtarma was lobbying in USA against dictatorship in Pakistan"

    Subhan aap ki masoomiat par! Masha Allah

    You meant to say when she was licking boots to allow her into Pakistan and was gifted with NRO?

    You elsewhere are preaching transparency, coming out of denial, hypcrisy, and all....

    apnay gareban mein jhaank lo bhai sahib!

  • "PPP’s Great Foreign Policy – Most of Pakistani Ambassadors are from the party"

    What an objection?

    Should they be taken from the Indian National Congress or BJP?

  • @msohail

    Mohtarma was lobbying for democracy and against dictatorship. You can listen her lectures which are available on youtube. She did cut the deal with dictator for democracy and she succeded in it.

    Further if you try to look around you can see that first Musharaf's resigned from COAS and thn from Presidency by PPP and because of Mohtarma's effort.

  • @Fahim23

    Nothing would have weakend Musharraf had privitization of steal mill not been averted by CJ.

    It was easy for america to dial a number and get the job done. They don't need no democracies.

    Fact remains that both Nawaz n Bibi are power hungry. They stay in exiles abroad to enjoy lavish lifestlye and return home when there's a power vacuum.

    You can twist it all you want but deep down in ur heart you know what she was lobbying for!!!!

    I can also remember how Americans had conviced her to turn AQ Khan over. Go back and listen to every interview she gave before death. This was one thing she always mentioned!

    When musharraf's power was wanning, American saw another puppet in BB to do their job in Pakistan. BB being a shrewd politican knew that well too, but power hungry BB was ready to sell herself and country if she could be ensured a return to power.

    I would have loads and loads of respect for her had she come back w/o American support.

  • @msohail

    You think that tne end of Musharaf was brought by lawyer's movement. Fair enough. But I differ with you.

    Every politician is power hungry. I don't see anything wrong in it. PPP has remained only for 8 years in power in its 40 years long history. But if you mean that PPP came through back doors in power, I again would differ with you. Even this time around the Elections took place in which people voted for PPP despite all mud slugging and accusation of deal. Beside every one agreed that the elections were relatively fair and free. It is the ppl of this country who has brought PPP in power, no USA or no lawyer's movement.

    About AQ Khan she said she does not believe that he is the only one involved in this grave drama which risked the security of Pakistan. She would form an enquiry commission to look into this matter and IF NEEDED will give access to IAEA for inspection. I think that is pretty fair and legitimate statement. We are talking about Sells of Nuclear Bombs!

    Your support like mine wud hav meant nothing had she not been able to come to Pakistan, which was only possible when she removed the US Support of Musharaf. I am sure you very well remember what happent to NS when he tried to come to Pak on 10th sep.

  • @Fahim23

    Do you remember Musharraf also said there will be a HUNG PARLIAMENT after the election?

    His ASSERTION proved to be TRUE. I guess he's a clairvoyant!


    This liberal alliance was engineered in Washington!

  • I understand it is not wise to limit the evolutionary process to one person or incident that shape and change a scenario.

    It is always a combination of developing process at different sectors and corners.

    The ouster of Musharraf was also a combination of cutting, mincing, blending, cooking and a few other steps being performed at different sections and stages.

    Historically he was playing the last over of the match.

    According to rules of the game it was now the turn of next team to hold the crease.

  • Mr. Fahim

    Traitors are always qualified so there is no question about his qualification. The question is about his loyalty which is not towards pakistan.

  • Well Said!

    Once PPP government is over Hussain Haqqani will stay in USA and Wajid will stay in UK.