Let'S compare 2 SPEECHES :MARCH 26,1971(Yahyah) AND MAY 07 ,2009(Gillani)

  • TEXT OF YAHYA'S BROADCAST on March 26, 1971

    Following is the text of the broadcast to the nation by President Yahya Khan:

    My dear countrymen.


    On the 6th of this month I announced the 25th of March as the new date for the inaugural session of the National Assembly hoping that conditions would permit the holding of the session on the appointed date. Events have, however, not justified that hope. The nation continued to face a grave crisis.

    In East Pakistan a non-co-operation and disobedience movement was launched by the Awami League and matters took a very serious turn. Events were moving very fast and it became absolutely imperative that the situation was brought under control as soon as possible. With this aim in view, I had a series of discussions with political leaders in West Pakistan and subsequently on the 15th of March I went to Dacca.

    As you are aware I had a number of meetings with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in order to resolve the political impasse. Having consulted West Pakistani leaders it was necessary for me to do the same over there so that areas of agreement could be identified and an amicable settlement arrived at.

    As has been reported in the Press and other news media from time to time, my talks with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman showed some progress. Having reached a certain stage in my negotiations with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman I considered it necessary to have another round of talks with West Pakistani leaders in Dacca.

    Mr. Z. A. Bhutto reached there on 21st March and I had a number of meetings with him.

    As you are aware, the leader of the Awami League had asked for the with­drawal of Martial Law and transfer of power prior to the meeting of the National Assembly. In our discussions he proposed that this interim period could be covered by a proclamation by me whereby Martial Law would be withdrawn, Provincial Governments set up and the National Assembly would ab initio, sit in two committees-one composed of members from East Pakistan and the other composed of members from West Pakistan.

    One Condition

    Despite some serious flaws in the scheme in its legal as well as other aspects, I was prepared to agree in principle to his plan in the interest of peaceful transfer of power but on one condition. The condition which I clearly explained to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was that I must first have unequivocal agreement of all political leaders to the scheme.

    I thereupon discussed the proposal with other political leaders. I found them unanimously of the view that the proposed proclamation by me would have no legal sanction. It will neither have the cover of Martial Law nor could it claim to be based on the will of the people. Thus a vacuum would be created and chaotic conditions will ensue. They also considered that splitting of the National Assembly into two parts through a proclamation would encourage divisive tendencies that may exist. They therefore expressed the opinion that if it is intended to lift Martial Law and transfer power in the interim period, the National Assembly should meet, pass an appropriate interim Constitution Bill and present it for my assent. I entirely agreed with their view and requested them to tell Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to take a reasonable attitude on this issue.

    I told the leaders to explain their views to him that a scheme whereby, on the one hand, you extinguish all source of power namely Martial Law and on the other fail to replace it by the will of the people through a proper session of the National Assembly, will merely result in chaos. They agreed to meet Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, explain the position and try to obtain his agreement to the interim arrangement for transfer of power to emanate from the National Assembly.

    The political leaders were also very much perturbed over Sheikh Mujib's idea of dividing the National Assembly into two parts right from the start. Such a move, they felt, would be totally against the interest of Pakistan's integrity.

    The Chairman of the Pakistan People's Party, during the meeting between myself, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and him, had also expressed similar views to Mujib.

    On the evening of the 23rd of March the political leaders, who had gone to talk to Mujib on this issue, called on me and informed me that he was not agreeable to any changes in his scheme. All he really wanted was for me to make a proclamation, whereby I should withdraw Martial Law and transfer power.

    Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's action of starting his non-co-operation movement is an act of treason. He and his party have defied the lawful authority for over three weeks. They have insulted Pakistan's flag and defiled the photograph of the Father of the Nation. They have tried to run a parallel Government. They have created turmoil, terror and insecurity.

    A number of murders have been committed in the name of movement. Millions of our Bengali brethren and those who have settled in East Pakistan are living in a state of panic, and a very large number had to leave that Wing out of fear for their lives.

    The Armed Forces, located in East Pakistan, have been subjected to taunts and insults of all kinds, I wish to complement them on the tremendous restraint that they have shown in the face of grave provocation. Their sense of discipline is indeed praiseworthy. I am proud of them.

    Reasonable Solution

    I should have taken action against Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his collaborators weeks ago but I had to try my utmost to handle the situation in such a manner as not to jeopardise my plan of peaceful transfer of power. In my keenness to achieve this aim I kept on tolerating one illegal act after another. And at the same time I explored every possible avenue for arriving at some reasonable solution. I have already mentioned the efforts made by me and by various political leaders in getting Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to see reason. We have left no stone unturned. But he has failed to respond in any constructive manner; on the other hand, he and his followers kept on flouting the authority of the Government even during my presence in Dacca. The proclamation that he proposed was nothing but a trap. He knew that it would not have been worth the paper it was written on and in the vacuum created by the lifting of Martial Law he could have done anything with impunity. His obstinacy, obduracy and absolute refusal to talk sense can lead to but one conclusion-the man and his party are enemies of Pakistan and they want East Pakistan to break away completely from the country. He has attacked the solidarity and integrity of this country-this crime will not go unpunished.

    We will not allow some power hungry and unpatriotic people to destroy this country and play with the destiny of 120 million people.

    In my address to the nation of 6th March I had told you that it is the duty of the Pakistan Armed Forces to ensure the integrity, solidarity and security of Pakistan. I have ordered them to do their duty and fully restore the authority of the Government.

    In view of the grave situation that exists in the country today I have decided to ban all political activities throughout the country. As for the Awami League it is completely banned as a political party. I have also decided to impose complete Press censorship. Martial Law regulations will very shortly be issued in pursuance of these decisions.

    Aim Remains Same

    In the end let me assure you that my main aim remains the same, namely, transfer of power to the elected representatives of the people. As soon as situation permits I will take fresh steps towards the achievement of this objective.

    It is my hope that the law and order situation will soon return to normal in East Pakistan and we can again move forward towards our cherished goal.

    I appeal to my countrymen to appreciate the gravity of the situation for which the blame rests entirely on the anti-Pakistan and secessionist elements and to act as reasonable citizens of the country because therein lies the security and salvation of Pakistan.

    God be with you. God bless yOU

    Pakistan Paindabad.-APP.


    My dear countrymen


    The country is passing through challenging times

    The people of Pakistan are well aware of our peace initiatives in the country.

    The world appreciates Pakistan’s efforts in war against terror and fostering democratic values.

    The nation is concerned about the situation in Swat and Malakand.

    We have adopted policy of reconciliation and understanding which has produced fruitful results.

    It is this policy which led to the peaceful resolution of issues regarding judiciary on March 16.

    Swat situation is center of attention for the government.

    We adopted the path of talks and negotiations to resolve Swat issue.

    We took all political forces of Pakistan into confidence before launching peace initiatives.

    All political forces supported the government’s viewpoints and extended support.

    The government endorsed the Swat peal truce considering wider interest of Pakistan.

    The government extended full cooperation for implementation of Nizam Adl Regulation.

    The President put his signature on NAR.

    All the political parties were consulted in this regard.

    The NWFP government signed the Nizam-e-Adl Regulation and the government respected it whole-heartedly.

    Many army camps and police stations were attacked by terrorists after the promulgation of Nizam-e-Adl Regulation. The terrorists also torched many girl schools and government assets.

    The terrorists targeted the camps and set ups of paramilitary forces in the region.

    Girl students are being prevented from going to schools and colleges.

    Public and private properties are being destroyed.

    Women are being shamefully discriminated by these elements.

    Military has been requisitioned to tackle the situation in the restive areas.

    I appeal to the people, media, political forces and civil society to unite in the greater interest of the country and extend cooperation to the government.

    Islam does not preach use of force for imposing any agenda.

    The government came to the conclusion that decisive steps have to be taken.

    Therefore, after due consultation with all the stakeholders the following decisions were taken:

    The armed forces have been called in to eliminate the terrorists.

    One billion rupees have been provided for the rehabilitation of the internally displaced persons.

    Employment will be given to one member of a family which has lost any of its member at the hands of terrorists.

    Pakistan Paindabad.

  • check the tone, wordings and misconception about PAKISTAN ARMY!

  • fOR 400 MILLION $ AID

    for 5 bilion $ annual aid

    for continuation of PPP government

    without bringing all concerned parties onboard

    without having ALL PARTIES CONFERENCE on this serious issue

    without cutting supply and logistic routes from Afhanistan to taliban

    we have DECLARED WAR in Malakand divison against taliban the world most organized gorilla force and TNSMS

    who already defeated NATO

    Relying on PAK ARMY whose record is highly questionable regarding success against taliban ..since 1999 Kargil all

    operation carried out by PAK ARMY were complete failure

    except raging coups against democratically elected government of pakistan

    Now MY dear countrymen

    we have reached THE point of no return!




    Dekh ki mera ghar waheen hai kaheen

    Ya phir kabhee woh dar kabhee khulaa he nahee

    Kya woh bache khelte hain abhee bhee waheen

    Har shab ke baad jahan subeh hotee thee kabhee

    Sab jal gaya, Sab badal gaya

    Na zameen rahee, Na aasmaan

  • dharati ki sulagati chhaati ke bechain sharaare puuchhate hain ye kisaka lahu hai kaun mara -

    ai rahabar mulq-o-qaum bata ye kisaka lahu hai kaun mara ye

    jalate huye ghar kisake hai ye

    katate huye tan kisake hain

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  • sometimes i feel sorry for Gillani...

    he is a sensible man .

    but by accepting a rubber stamp PM post ,he has become useless ,speechless ,spineless.....

    all the decisions has been made by US .

    signed by Zardari .

    and has to be announced publicly by poor Gillani.

    have you ever noticed.

    every speech has been delivered by PM ..in the times when Zardari is not in the country....

    is it a co incidence?

    no ...no ...no

    zardari must have asked Gillani.

    see ..first let me go to out of the country .

    then go to PTV and do the QUAM SE KHITAAB.

    but if something bad happened .

    nation is not going to blame Gillani.

    it is simply going to blame Zardari and US .

    the real decision makers.

  • @Dear Oriel,

    i am posting your comments here ...

    as it was posted in a similar thread .

    and i m on a mission to combine similar threads .....

    wish me luck...

    and here is your post.


    To restore Zardari's cock-ups perhaps.

    Give Gillani credit for being PM under a Pres. such as Zard-ari!!

  • Cost of gaylani and that lunatic fraud american puppet madari

    Is 5 billion jewish dollars??cost of Pakistani life is what??Zero..

    Revalution is a must in our country once in for all.Brown

    Slaves of Pakistan must rebel against the american crusade

    against Islam.

  • !