Makhdoom Javed Hashmi - An honest leader who has been cornered

  • Makhdoom Javed Hashmi who was politically victimized and kept confined by Musharraf and Choudhry Group has been cornered in the party (PML-N).

    He is a threat to Mian Brothers as the potential alternative leadership of the party.

    He is the only MNA and nominated minister who clearly refused to take oath from Musharraf.

    Please comment....


  • @MF Khan,

    it proves only one thing....

    that any political leader ,who has Zameer ,who is sensible,trustworthy , less selfish and cool minded ...

    has no place in any party.....

    examples are many as follows few of them>>>>>

    Aitzaz Ahsan

    Amin Fahim

    Raza Rabbani

    Naheed Khan

    Safdar Abbasi

    Sherry Rehman

    Javed Hashmi

    Sadiq al farooq

    and many more......

    there is no room for sensible and selfless and honest and cool minded ppl in Paksitani politics.

    we need idiots ,selfish ,stupids ,culprits and Bharak Baaz all the time for every party.

  • I saw in a TV programme Shaikh Rasheed predicted

    "Nawaz Sharif ko darr laga para hai k Hashmi kahin party hijack na kar le, uss ko ahista ahista sideline ker diya jae ga"

    Yes i admit Sheeda was right at that time:)))