Where is media right now?

  • Why doesn't media showing anything on what's going on in military operation? How else would we know? Maybe it's just me. Please help.

    And post media links specifically regarding the current situation.


  • @aikpanchi,

    as active as our media is ...

    not showing any coverage at all means

    they have been ordered by Army and Govt to not to show the operation ...coz of some security reasons...

    plus ppl might get emotional while watching that live as they got emotional at Lal Masjid operation...and their sympathies went in wrong directions....

    maybe army doesn't want media to repeat the case this time.

  • So we will only be informed with the results: Pak Army won or lost the war (war against terrorism).

    Whatever is happening will develop disappointment, hate rage, and grievance among the nation and the with in the Pak Armed forces as well.

    Army Operation was never a prudent decision to take.

    May Allah bless people of Pakistan and keep them safe.Ameen