Show down PPP Vs MQM on 12may. pls advice

  • is there going to be trouble?

    shall i hide under my charpai? or shall I go out and watch the tamasha?

  • its going to be MQM versus ANP.

    ghunda versus ghunda .

    so plz be careful larki....

  • Nothin will gonna happen.

    I hope 12th of May will be a peacefull day Inshallah. Nobody can afford voilance anymore.

  • F.Ali,

    good ...i like the confidence....

    by the way ...who told u ?

  • I said "I HOPE" It's mean I WISH , no body told me but


  • Ali is right. we have to make a hope .people of karachi also tired of this.They need a hope too

  • @Billa,

    hope is the thing the whole world revolves around.

    but there has to be a base ....

    a reason to hope.

  • There are reports of Armed clash between the supporters of MQM and ANP in Gulastan e Johar today. Last time the same clash resulted in wide spread riots in Karachi.

    Even if the "Leaders" agree to make "Peace" on that day, the common members and supporters of ANP and MQM have too much "Hatred" for each other. The Poison of Racisim has procreated in our nation now and we all have to live with its offsprings.. Sad but True! And Truth Hurts..

  • @Larki...

    Make sure that u stay under your charpai even on 11th May..

  • good idea larki, great use of a charpai, it could serve as a bunker.

  • kosshish karna kay woh tumharee apnee hee charpai hoe! ;-)

  • If there will be any rally organized by ANP or MQM on 12th may that its guaranteed that it would be a violent day so better stay indoors. Even today there are reports of some gun battle between MQM and ANP on University road near karachi met office in which 2 people are dead and 4 injured.

    Altaf have said that on 12th may 2009 he will tell the nation that how MQM was trapped by establishment. and it was all 'estalishment ki sazish" against MQM.

    When ever MQMized terrorists are caught red handed with their pants down , Altaf starts calling it conspiracy against MQM by establishment.