Swat mein halak shuda sharpasand ki lash ?

  • Question:

    When the ISPR says, they have taken control of such and such area and 10 to 15 students (talibs) have been killed....and then such and such area is under full control of our forces and 20 to 25 shar pasand have been killed...

    Where is the bodies ? Where is the faces ?


  • sray kay saray microscope lay ker baithay hain goverment kay keeray daikhnay kay liyeh .

    All jamaati and talibani supporters are desperately waiting government and army ti fail then they can start their politics again .

  • interestingly "lashain ginna" is the only past time of all these religious guys

    be it the lashain of indian soldiers which were raining at the time of kargil

    be it lal masjid and the invisible 3000 lashain that no one found

    or now sawat

  • yes, we need to ask for proof of such actions by the govt.

    We have the right to ask for proof....

    Where are the bodies of those they say they kill...why cant we see them ?


  • Pak Army is just good for nothing.

    They are actually other for of Pakistani Politicians having only only statements by ISPR with big lies.

    They have never fought a single war directly after 1971.

    When US and Russian Armed forces failed in Afghanistan I want to see what miracles will happen that Pak Forces will win.

    Just wasting the time, money and efforts of the nation.

    They should be used to develop infrastructures, medical services, rural development rather than fighting against poor and weak people in NWFP

  • It is the job of media to collect the material and break the story.

    In Pakistan, I was told there are more cameras than its population.

  • ha ha!

    they are not even enter swat once they are shelling it from the air or artillery with current record of failures of PAK ARMY against taliban do you believe they can win against them! MY ANSWER IS NO!

  • Pakistan very soon become USSR and after war it will be finished!

  • It is definately duty of our armed forces to protect our country from sufi Mohammad and Taliban's Islam. It will be gullable to think otherwise. I am sure most Sawatis can't wait to see the back of Talibans. This is the first time Pak Army is fighting a war for the good of nation after 1971. There is no comparison between USSR and Pak Army, Pak Army has the backing of Sawatis and Tribals who are Pakistanis agaist the murdered Talibans whose religon is nothing but terrorism.