Mangora operation

  • For every Pakistani the Sawat refugee crisis is of concern. Pakistan government can't handle such situation on it's own, every Pakistani should help our brothers and sisters dispalced by terrorists Talibans. Now PAk Army is busy eliminating these murderers and looters who have been beheading and abducting Sawatis for such a long time. These appaling people have taken over the city of Mangora, the fighting over there will be hard and house to house and street to street. Talibans cowards have taken thousands of Mangorans hostages and are using them as human sheild, that is sad situation. Army is doomed if it does something and doomed if it doesn't. All Pakistanis are with our Armed forces and are praying for their safety and safety of Mangorans innocent civilians.

  • @Potohari

    I hope all Pakistani will think like you ,

    Thats the feeling a Pakistani should have so we can over come these problems . We have to admit that Army is the rescuer and the talibans are the killers .Operation is inevitable and there could be humanitarian crises because there murderer always use innocent civilians as human shield .

    But in this forum some people are ex jamaati and IK lovers so you will hear like "army should withdraw " "army is killing people " ,"operation should stop " etc etc .

  • could you please also mention who is saying that army should with draw and army is killing people.

    People are not against this operation, most of the people are against your arrogant behaviour because you have some personal problems. YOu behave like a loser often