May 12, 2009 - A new drama by MQM

  • I am afraid MQM will play a new drama this year on May 12,2009.

    This terrorist group should be banned like other terrorist organizations in Pakistan.

    I wonder why UK government does not take any action against Altaf???

  • 12th May was a historic day when the goons of:




    PTI etc

    were taken to task by the patriotic MQM.

    12th May should be celebrated as a NATIONAL HOLIDAY.

    The shameless idiot Iftikhar Chaudry and his cronies WERE STOPPED IN THEIR TRACKS when they were about to spread their filth in the streets of Karachi.

    Thanks to the heroics of MQM activists who laid their lives for a JUST CAUSE.

  • @ adolf hitler

    are u a psyciatrist ?

  • He is not a psychiatrist but instead is a psycho,lover of NROfied absconding grand terrorist MQMized pir Altaf.