Two nation theory/ a safe muslim state myth.

  • To be frank with you i was little reluctant coming up with this topic but since latentry has brought us into the troubled waters of debunking this two nation theory myth already (in another thread) so i thought what the heck!!!

    Now what i always wondered and what i always got an emotional answer for(i.e are you an indian agent??, just look at the condition of indian muslims in india etc etc on other forums) is that din't this theory fail the day the majority of the muslims in sub-continent virtually slapped us by not giving a damn to our idea of "religion being the dividing factor" among human beings and as a result a secular india still has more muslims then us who apparently are also relatively more safer than the muslims of pakistan (speaking strictly in terms of unnatural number of deaths) even if we include massacres like gujrat in the total figure of muslims deaths on their side while counting all those who have died in religious/ ethnic sectarianism, suicide bombings, war on terror etc etc since 1947 on our side??

    (btw plz leave aside the figure of muslims killed by indian army in kasmhir because technically speaking they are also bearing the burnt of sharing our ideology i.e two nation theory)

    my basic point being that

    1-din't the majority of muslims themselves prove the idea of their religion deciding their nationality wrong even in its very early days?

    2-aren't secular muslims of india with all their much golrified miseries and pains & despite facing all the massacres and communal violence (which generally speaking are part and parcel of any pluralistic, individually religious and uneducated society like india is,what i mean ro say is,"jahan do bartan hungay wu bajain gai tu zaror)!) are relatively more safer in terms of their lives as compared to the religious muslims of pakistan?

    which basically shows us that not only our ideology was not very practical but even our important promises of muslims being relatively safer in their own state dint come good?

    (please try to be logical in your approach or just ignore the topic)

  • 1. A theory generated to stir the emotions is always short lived as compared to a doctrine stemmed out of reason.

    2. Two Nation Theory was a tool to exploit and promote the sectarian hatred.

    3. This Theory worked, instead of uniting, as a dividing factor.

    4. The Theory failed to offer any solution for the communal problem.

    5. Hindus and the Muslims were separated to stop or minimize the problems caused by the feelings of hatred, then why the Muslims in Pakistan are killing the fellow Muslims?

    6. Shia and Sunni sects have differences.

    Should we further divide Pakistan into Shiastan and Sunniastan?

    7. The United States of America could be divided into 80 sovereign states, as there exist that many nationalities.

  • Two nation theory was that there were differences in political, cultural, and social rights between hindus and Muslims so pakistan was created .

    Two nation theory worked in 1971 the difference between east and west pakistan then pakistan split in two .

    If two nation theory will be applied on the remaining pakistan then it can break into many parts .

  • @javedsheikh

    So shiekh sahab if i am not wrong you are actually criticizing the two nation theory and are presently in punjab!

    wow that's a pleasant surptize, for a change!


    could you plz elaborate your point a bit more?

  • Well to me Two Nations theory based on religion is just flawed. It was more economics than religion and ofcourse imperial wished which created rift between Muslims and Non Muslims.

  • i wish you would born before 1947 in slaved hindustan then you would understand the meaning of pakistan & independence pakistan has no future becoz its new generation is now criticizing its reason of existence ..shame on all of you!

  • Two-Nation Theory


    The demand to acquire piece of land on the basis of Religion is absurd IMO. This makes us similar to Jews who are occupying the land of Palestine on this very same logic and committing the crimes of century. Religion has nothing to do with physical attributes of society like Land and language. It is an idealogy and every mind in this world no matter where s/he lives is capable of absorping it or rejecting it.

    Religion can be adopted and disowned on your will at any point in your life but if you are born indian you will remain indian for forever. You have no power to change it. We need to understand this. And that's the reason I think Religion cannot be the basis of "Nation".

    Creation and Demand of Pakistan


    Before partition no one can deny that the muslims of sub-continent were being exploited on the basis of Religion. Majority of Business was being held by one particular ethnic group. And this siege was widening day by day. While hindus and the hindu populated areas were being educated, industrialized, and developed, Muslims populated areas were being ignored.

    Therefore, it was quite natural that the muslims of sub-continent demanded a new country comprising of Muslim Majority areas. The intentions I believe were to develop and progress these areas which were being criminally neglected and deprived. It was not meant that in India only hindus will be allowed to live and Pakistan will only be for Muslims. The mass exodus was never part of the plan. But it was inevitable consequence which should and must have been envisaged by two great leaders Gandhi and Jinnah and the rulers "British Raj". But they all failed to stop the riots and massacre that broke out immediately after the announcement of Pakistan.

    Unfortunately, people in Pakistan propagated this barbaric, extreme and inhumane line of thought that Pakistan is only for "Muslims" and attempted to impose theocracy in Pakistan. While Hindus surprisingly dealt this issue with magnonimity and common sense. They did not discriminate (at least on the paper called constitution) their people on the basis of Religion, we did not only in paper but on the ground as well!

    Pakistan had potential to be a great country but we as a nation failed it. Nevertheless I believe it still has the chance to be a great country if we end the discrimination which exists at every stage (Religious, Sectarian, Ethnic, class difference etc) in our society. For me this country is for everyone who lives here and whose parents have lived here. We all are equal. Just because I am muslim does not make me any superior than my hindu friend who lives next door to me.

    In nutshell I will conclude that I reject Two-Nation theory but Support Pakistan.

  • Dear People! Have you noticed that some of the names in this posts are common with Shikra's 'Acknowledgement' as Scholars!!!!!!!!!!

    Canm you understand it now, What Na hOw these scholars think?



  • @Ijay

    Correct me if i am wrong but just because i am questioning something that rightly or wrongly became one of the reason for our creation therefore i am commited some kind of original sin?

    Why don't you just get to the point and tell me your actual ideology of "meetha meetha hup hup, karwa karwa thu thu!"..

    This is exactly what all so-called rightists, conservatives wanna do in our society in the name of religion and hence they do all the jaw jaw for an islamic state, so that they can make pakistan a state where their own "chaudrahat" rules in the name of islam and where they can gag all those who are against them, some time under hadood laws and some time under treason!

    Freedom of speech dude, Freedon of speech!

    Please try & amp; learn to take what even goes against you and your thinking in a good stride!

    After all these are just words & nothing else and in no way are they going to kill you or destroy pakistan like the bullets & rdx of talibans (people that you actually have sympathIES for)