TRAITORE END UP WITH THEIR PAYMASTERS.Musharraf unlikely to return to Pakistan

  • As Pakistan is gripped by a volatile situation following a crackdown on Taliban [Images] militants, question marks hang over whether former President Pervez Musharraf [Images], who is currently on a trip to Europe, will return home or not.

    Musharraf is not expected to return to Pakistan from a foreign lecture tour in the near future, said his close aide Major General Traitor agent (retired) Rashid Qureshi.

    Qureshi, a former spokesman of Musharraf, confirmed that the former president would stay abroad for a longer period of time, but had no information on when he would return home.

    "I have no idea how long the former President will stay abroad. Though I am still in touch with him, (I) have no exact idea on this count," Qureshi told The News daily.

    Musharraf left Pakistan for a private visit to Saudi Arabia on April 19. From there, he subsequently traveled to Europe. Musharraf, who survived two assassination attempts, is believed to be on the hit list of several militant groups.

    There has been considerable speculation in political circles about him leaving Pakistan for an unspecified period of time.

    Sheharyar, another aide of the former military ruler, said Musharraf is currently in London [Images] and would be traveling to the US from there. Musharraf would then travel back to Europe, he said.

    Musharraf will be delivering lectures on terrorism-related issues and the rise of the Taliban in Europe and the United States, Sheharyar said.

    He acknowledged that Musharraf's current trip was his longest visit abroad after quitting as president in August last year.


    What a wonderfull person he is. We need you PM

  • 1-its just a speculation

    2-why would he run away now when he actually spent the most hostile of his days (i.e just after his resignation and at a point in time when people like nawaz and ppp were coming in to power) in pakistan.

    3-he has got real good support in army as he kept residing in army house long time after his resignation which basically means that pak army has got it all covered for him .. be it a problem like "newly dealt with" & not so "Suo motish" CHIEF JUSTICE or just apparently "seekh pa" Nawaz, for that matter.