12th May and the Lotacreacy of PPP,ANP,MQM!

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    First ANP wanted this to be a all out strike day and the other parties like JI etc also joined them. Later MQM called for the strike as well as they claimed that most of the people died on that day were from MQM (Contrary to ANP's Claim)

    Then PPP apeallead to both parties to call off strike and eventually when both ANP and MQM called off strike, PPP decided to call it a Youm e Soug so basically it will be a public holiday... which is another waste of a day in already dying pakistani economy.

    It will be interesting to see if CJ will come to Karachi for any protest aranged by the lawyers..

    My view is that it is a good move by PPP to bring these 2 Goons of ANP and MQM on table but they should have called for a normal working day. They could have held fathiakhwani in CM and Governor house with all ANP and MQM leaders to give peace to sufering karachites!

  • It couldn't be a normal working day. City has just witnessed massive violence and bloodshed and in month of april alone almost 50 Pathans have been targeted and their livelihood burnt down. On 12th may 2007 too it could have been a normal day. But on one hand MQM stubbornly held its own rally,on the other hand asked CJ not to hold a rally as law and order situation in the city isn't good and eventually blocked their entry with force and bullets resulting in a massacre.

    It would be sensible thing that everybody on that day remains in doors.