Difference between a Pakistani and Afghani Puppet!

  • Puppet Karzai<<

    WASHINGTON: Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Friday called on the United States to halt air strikes in his country, following attacks this week that Afghan officials said killed 147 people. “We demand an end to these operations ... an end to air strikes,” Karzai said in Washington in an interview with CNN.

    Farah Province deputy governor Yunus Rasooli told Reuters on Friday that residents of two villages hit this week by US warplanes had produced lists with the names of 147 people killed in the attacks.

    Karzai told CNN’s “Situation Room” that earlier in the beginning of the seven-year-old war that ousted the Taliban, Afghans had tolerated air strikes, but mounting civilian deaths had eroded that understanding.

    Puppet Zardari



    WASHINGTON: President Asif Ali Zardari has declared that Pakistan would remain committed to rooting out the menace of violent extremism with the help of sustained international support.

    “I can assure the world on behalf of the people of Pakistan that we are up to the task. Just help us. Get us the capability and we can defeat these common enemy for a better tomorrow for our children and the coming generations,”

    So People who are dying of Drone Attacks in Pakistan are mere cattles and Gosts? Sharam tum ko magar Atee nahee!

    I know this will infuriate some of my Scholors on this forum but I wish that a Pukhtoon was a President of Pakistan to stand Like a Man not like a spineless snake!

  • This little man of zero intellect is our president Khan?/Need I say more.Sad situation.Bhaigharatt leaders

    treasoneous thugs running our country??

  • @Khan Sahib:

    The article shows there are levels of puppethood too!

    Shame that Pak has the lowest form of puppet also.

    Pak needs all the sincerity, determination to do what is right for Pak and skill it can possibly obtain, in whatever form this comes. Be that in Pakhtun form, Punjabi form or in the form of any ethnicity. We need leadership, diplomacy, united agencies, organization, transparency.... aka good governance. We need to rid the country of its cancerous corruption at all levels. We need to empower the minds of the people so they make informed decisions about their rulers and hence take their destiny in their own hands, rather than being sold out by successive govts.


    You said it all!