Musalmanon Ki Tareekh

  • Excellent!

  • Im surprised a form mostly filled with conservatives actually posted this video.

    The fact of the matter is Pakistan today is a very confused and defensive nation. It is not ready to take responsibility for its mistakes. It loves to blame its blunders on India and the US. This makes her feel better and less guilty of its actions. Pakistan doesnt even have the courage to unite against the obviously corrupt leaders like Nawaz Sharif or Zardari. It doesn't have the conscience to kick out torture groups like the MQM. It likes to stay in denial like a scared Turtle. Too bad we dont have a shell like a Turtle's :) Whenever we argue about how the West is taking over a typical answer from the elderly is "hum nay bhi Spain par 800 saal hakoomat ki thi". Ok even if we did, how does our past secure our future? I guess thats what happens when the literacy rate is alarmingly low in a country.

    Wake up!

  • What I believe is

    Islam is based on faith,Ebaaddat ,Alhalkh and shows they way how to be close to Allah

    These is no politics in Islam

    The Islamic history we have taught is not the Islamic history ,That is the history of rulers who were Muslim .

    Islamic history in Quran about the prophets is dawat ,eman ,ebaadaat not about the muslim state or muslim culture .

  • The topic of the talk show was,

    Muslamanon ki tareekh and not the history of Islam.

    The issue to be considered is 'what the Muslims have done to Islam and humanity?'

  • sasherwani:

    I didnt get the feeling that the forum was conservative. E.g posts from Fahim, Mulla, Khan Sahib, Larki, Codefreaq, JS, ucsher, yourself and many more (my memory is like a sieve - apologies for missing out imp. bloggers!) are not conservative but quite common-sensically enlightened.

    But agreed with your comments on the Pak turtle syndrome and agreed once again that education is the key to unlocking the darkened vestiges of our collective minds!

    Sorry to go off on a tangent from the post title..... yes, discussion on talk show was spot on.

  • Muslims have obviously exposed both their religion & themselves only for the sake of sweet and rosy rhetoric that they always seem to be doing in honor of their religion!

    So when some one asks them as to why are they so strongly of the view that religion should be involved in politics and state matters?, the only answer they seemed to have is "Islam unlike other religion is a complete code of life therefore it should be involved in each and every thing that we do!"

    However when some 1 asks them to explain it rationally, the only answer that they seemed to come up with is

    "Its written there in Quran and that's all what matters!"

    hun karlo gul (baat) te phar lo kun! (kaan)