Who are they? Can Any one help?

  • Last time, I checked, this was not part of Islam!


  • LOL,

    This is Hilarious! But who are they and what are they doing?

    Any one?

  • Barelvis might get offended. This is pkpolitics so i guess we should keep the religion out and should be tolerant to others . Pirs Mazars and this type of things are really VERY common in Pakistan. This thing is also popular in Northern Alliance dominated areas in Afghanistan.

  • oh,

    So this is a muslim Sect? I am sorry, I didnt know that. My Apologies for my previous comments.

  • who said that all muslims are faithful? read quran show me one ayath where Jannah is mentioned for muslims..the word use

    for faithfuls is Momineen..the term munafic is used in quran for muslims only.

  • I must admit that I didn't know about this before seeing this video. I guess they are not doing something onjectionale but still can't understand the basic theme behind it?

  • This is very encouraging and positive evidence that a section of Mullas is opening up to the reality of life.

    Gradually the irrational compulsions on the freedom of expression are being removed.

    Music, which was declared as Haram, is finally entering and knocking at the door of the Masjid as a mean to ventilate the emotions.

    In the near future we can expect a break through with a Fatwa in favor of Music.

    Addiction to music could help to minimize the production of suicide bombers.

  • i am also sorry for my little knowledge behind this but whatever if it is a representation of some Muslim sect, instead of laughing on it we should repect each others belief.

  • I don't think that anyone is making fun! But in reality we don't know much about each other sects. I am a Sunni Muslim and this is what I know about my Sect. I go to any mosque and pray as for me, Quran and Sunnah had everything for me to follow... I am not against any Sect and I think one should not judge them per sae but I remember, perhaps a Hadees that before, Qayamat (Judgement day) there will be 72 sect and only one will go to Jannah (Paradise)

    Please correct me If I am wrong? Or gives us the reference if anyone remember plz?

  • Innovation and Bid’ats are not allowed in Islam,each year on 12th rabiulawal we see new things invented which are then religiously followed from next years onward.

    Graves and mazars are also integral part of Barelvism,praying for the dead(and asking for forgiveness on their behalf from Allah) is a good thing BUT praying FROM the dead is totally unislamic,no matter how much pious or holy a person maybe,but once he is dead he can’t even remove a mosquito/housefly or dust from his grave then how do you expect him to answer your prayers?

  • @Khan_Sb

    I can quote you a Quranic verse which by my understanding condemns "Sectarianism" - which include Sunni, Shia etc.

    “As for those who divide their religion and break up into sects, you have no part in them in the least: their affair is with Allah: He will in the end tell them the truth of all that they did.” (Quran, 6:159)

    I believe who ever Recite kalma, should preferably call him/herself "Muslim". That's the name we are given by Al mighty himself. I as a muslim can follow Imam Jaffar (RA), Imam Hanbal or Imam Malik (RA) also, this will not suddenly make me Shia or Sunni.

    If however someone insists to associate him/herself with any particulat sect, we should respect him/her. Because like ours thr matter is also with ALLAH, and HE will decide for them on the basis of what they were doing.

  • This is silsla naqshbandi .... Allah HO type thing, such kidn of stuff you can find in darbars and mazars around southern punjab and sindh areas like Hazart Sachal sarmast..........

    here is one more clip


  • yea in quran word shia came as "shian" meaning lovers or loyalists it was mentioned as shian mousa lover sof hazart Musa(a.s) then DURING hAZRAT oTHMAN(R.A) ERA SHIAN ALI surfaced lovers or loyalist of Hazrat Ali but its too difficult to say that current shias are as same as shian ali.

    Shia and sunni sects will end after arrival of Imam Mehdi

    but shais of today believe that imam Mehdi is there imam e zamana but just like jews after his arrival some of them will not follow and join hands with dajjal.

    Please also note that dajjal will emerge from ispahan iran

    and 70000 irani jews will be important part of his army.

    Just look at today's iran you can not find a single jew so many things will change but 1 thing is certain shia and sunni sect will finish once imam mehdi will be here

  • Ijay

    For your info. there are almost 35000 Jews still living in IRAN. After Imam Mehdi's arrival all sects will be finished there will be either MUSLIM or KUFFAR. Either HAQ or BATIL.

  • They are brailvee sect which constitute a major part of punjab & hence pakistan (YEAH ITS SURPRISING BUT ITS TRUE)

    Generally speaking they are a very khullad-dulla version of islam which mostly is busy in making naats (some times even on the tunes of popular indian songs & in english as well) and producing cassettes.

    However a rather good thing about them is that they are a very peaceful sect which doesn't take part in jehaad in any major way , neither do they have any plans of raising the flag of "ISLAM INTERNATIONAL" in other parts of the world.

    Having said all this what i don't understand is that although the majority of punjab are barailvess, who don't like deobandis/wahabi/ahl-e-hadees one bit, nor do they support their idea of jehadi islam yet if you see our media it looks as if it is actually punjab which is most pro-talibans.

    Its paradoxes and contradictions like these with in punjab that make my head do rounds and then i have no option but to think of punjabi culture as adha teetar/adhaa batair i.e the kinds who keep saying yes to anything that has written islam on it (without giving it any serious thoughts) while on the other hand they don't completely adopt islam either!

    i,e Some how their main aims just seem to be 2



  • I personally Do not Like this and think that This is not part of Islam ,But we have different school of thoughts in our society .are all are free to practice .This is the beauty of democratic country

    But as we have different sects and school of thoughts in our society so we cannot impose the ideology which we think is right .

    As far as these things are within boundary wall and in private places without loudspeakers, and do not spread hatred to other group then there should not be a problem .

    but if these groups use public places ,interpreting the normal like of the people ,spreading hatred in the society then they should be stopped ,

    This is the Video of worshiping the "Zuljanah " and Matam video ,I do not like this but I respect other opinion .every one should be allow to practice there rituals .BUT not in public places and should not spread hatred to others .



  • It is amazing people expressing such a level of surprise

    on this vid. Everyone in Punjab and sindh knows that

    this is quite normal happening especially around saints darbars, go to any annual urs like imam bari,madu lal hussain,

    bulleh shah or sachal sarmast in sind these scenes are abundant. Actually this is the most common religious expression you find in rural punjab and sind, more than five

    times praying. And this was the dominant sect of subcontinents

    muslims before puritanical deobandis and wahabi petros took it


  • pleasev note that this video posted by khan is not captured in pakistan!