Sheikh Issa bin Zayed a reportedly detained pending torture investigation?

  • Well CNN reporting he is let see the proceedings

  • Don't expect any action to be taken.some people even if they are caught with their pants down remain west's darling because of their vested interests.

    Just take the example of 12th may 2007.British government knows all too well that crime was planned,orchestrated and perpetrated using it soil,but is reluctant to take any action against the terror network involved.

  • agreed with doctor that west keeps dear to the own interests.

  • Yeah man i have the same doubts but atleast something happening and the matter is publicized...which is indeed a big change other usually any sort matter like this from the same region never atleast we need to give credit to Mr Nabulsi and meida for exposing the threat.

    Bhai Doctor its necessary u bring ur love affair with Altafo in each and every thread the same way netengr bhai bring Taliban & IK in all threads....cheers