Why Taliban terrorist hide their faces?

  • I am not sure to label Talibans as brave, but it seems hight of cowardice to cover their faces while butchering innocent people. Are they planning to disguise themselves as civilians in case seomeone gets them. It must be hard for military jawan to distinguish between civilians and Taliban terrorists. Prays for Pak Army jawans.

  • Ouiii mental slave matahari stop drinking american propaganda,stop drinking urine.Purpose of that turban is

    Cultural and also tp prevent sands winds coming from the desert.130 afghans killed yestrday by the rapist coward american invaders women and childrens you jackass. care to comment on that one u pig.

  • @Potohari

    We have some people in the forum use abusive language and they think this is Jihad .

    Talibans are the Criminals and Evil .They are link monster who knows only killings .

    To fight with them is the most difficult war becasue they are well trained ,motivated ,have sympathy in public ,used human shield ,cannot be identified easily .

  • @Net:

    All Migel is trying to say is that don't always judge a book by its cover. He said nothing about the Talibs!

  • no comments!

  • Pakistan army jawans too were wearing white turbans and covering their faces like Taliban in a footage shown on Kamran khan show..

  • Its a tradition that all Puktoons wear turbans in that areas. Even I know that Potohari. I think MQM should send their 100000 terrorist to Swat as announced by Altaf Hussain. Killing innocent civilians in karachi is different but fighting with Talibaan is totally different.

  • imran khan should bring back his kids from london and put them in madressa in swat as he belives in one standard education for all..

  • karachilover,

    Brother! Why bringing someone's kids or wife in this discussion?

    I always thought that we karachites are above these small talk people.. Guess I was wrong!

  • Migel

    there is no desert in Pukhtoonkhaw and its not our culture to hide our faces, yea wearing turban and keeping beard and weapons is our culture, i agree to the rest of the part that not every pukhtoon should be considered as Taliban just because of his appearance.

  • Potohari...

    Talibaan may not be "Brave" in your books but people who fought against a super power for 2 years before Americans realised their skills and then supported them. Also if you watch the video link posted by justapakistani you will see that not every person have the courage to unleash a barrage of war against a super power the way afghan did.

    I am against Pakistani Talibaan who are killing innocent humans and should be considered Ignorant terrorists but on the other hand, the The afghans/Taaliban who are fighting against the invasion of their country are the real Mujahid. If Pakistan, Iran, India, Saudia Arabia and USA stops their dirty games in Afghanistan then that place will become peaceful but unfortunately just like Pakistanis, afghanis have been fooled by these countries for their own evil plans.