Clear Bias of Iftikhar Chaudhary’

  • The only case reopened is to restore Nawaz Sharif

    The so called supporters of CJ had the slogan that when Ifitikhar Chaudhary will be restored.

    Following steps will be done immediately and they always blamed the Government for not doing so.

    1. Where is Missing person case.

    2. Where is Bugti case.

    3. where is Lala Masjid case.

    4. Where is Mushrraf and his Marshal Law case.

    5. Where is 12 May case.

    6. Where is anti Drone case.

    7. Where is Anti Army operation case.

    8. Where is Load Shedding case.

  • Chaudhry saahab green card kay liyay apply kar rahay hein aajkal. That means do teen saal may woh ghaayab hongaye. Now is the time for him to make some quick money ;)

  • just to set the record straight, the spokeswoman for missing persons Amna Janjoa has already said that in her opinion "Chief Justice has 'changed' after his restoration and was not in anyway the justice that she and others rooted for "

    Also since i am from Faisalabad (As is our Cj), so i would like to share an incident with you as to what actually instigated this whole


    (Now i would have mentioned it earlier but since it just remains a word of mouth ( as most of the realities remain in pak anyway) and has "understandably" got nothing concrete on paper or video in its favor hence i resisted to reveal it on you guys the moment i joined the forum.)

    Its a strong perception here in faisalabad(so much so that the likes of sh. rashid have already mentioned it in one of his interview!, but then who takes that poor guy seriously these days?, right?) that the reason musharraf suddenly turned against his own "palto" cj and that also for no apparently good reason was because it was revealed to him by the secret agencies that mian nawaz sharif (while being in saudia) was able to form a secret bond with cj via an mna of his (who happenes to be a real good acquaintance of cj & whose name is escaping my mind at this point in time) and was thus able to convince him some how that he should rule against mush in his case relating to his uniform, come the day of Judgement!

    Now call it a stupid attempt to malign the angel chief or just a grape wine but if you see it strictly in the context of musharraf (who at that time was sailing calmly ) being forced to take such a haphazard decision and that also out of the blue then i am afraid the whole story does make sense.

    so in short: while book worms & idealists like imran are all at sea at the betrayal of their Dream girl a.k.a Chief justice, those who come to terms with the actual pakistani society on daily basis and who know how ugliest things are done here in the name of the "biggest causes" are not so surprised after all!

    Finally, lemme end this whole essay on a lighter note then..

    "Chief tere jaan nisaar, Better become now "PARDA DAAR" ;);)

  • @ucsher

    Do you work for one of those evening newspapers?

  • and btw before some 1 tries to prove me wrong on the issue of cj actually being from quetta instead of fasisalabad, let me tell you that he basically belongs to faisalabad and visits here every now and then, in fact his whole family (brothers & and cousins) lives in a village just at the outskirts of fsd.

    As for him been living quetta, so well that's just another story of a punjabi been settelled in BALOCHISTAN on purpose, by.... (you know who, don't you?);)

  • @msohail83

    i wish that it could have become at least a part of some evening newspaper bro, but the very tragedy is that for some "sacred reason that involves some kind of unseen national interests" benign stories like these or the ones where the prime minister of islamic republic of pakistan a.k.a MAKHDOOM Yusuf Raza Gilani is seen groping the "privates" of one of his female mates are completely ignored by our otherwise "free" mainstream media.;)

  • @ sasherwani whatz the source of ur information that CJ is applying for Green card??

  • JustaPaki,

    I was just kidding. I guess it seemed like i was serious. Apologize for that.

    Its just funny how 'supposedly' the entire nation was backing the CJ and now CJ is doing nothing but having akhrots and badaam in his lawn. I always knew something was fishy about him and I was never a big supporter of the lawyers movement. That was too much effort and trust being given to someone who hasnt really delivered anything in the past.

  • hmmm, fine sasherwani

  • Our so called icons of Media had their filthiest agenda to malign the Democratic Government and supported CJ. Now the so called these champions are again boasting upon the statement of Obama in which he termed the Government weak.

    Iftikhar Chaudhary’ is the same person who had been bread and butter with Musharaf for so long for slandering the Democracy. Champions who accused Dogar for Farah case had Arslan infected Chaudhary’ as their Messiah.

  • shamwariz

    i was in the impression that the credit of reinstating the CJ goes to PPP.

  • ucsher...well done dear for bringing such evidences for us...please tell me one thing .. when CJ was dismissed and the whole government was against him (parvez time)..i hope you remember that government not only excused (maafi maangi) on submitting certain papers against him..but also the court fined to the government for fake documents,etc..(Arsalan Case)...Why was that ?????

    Is it not true that Musharraf could give him more money instead of Nawaz Sharif who is still out of government .. why he did not accept his offer?????? (if we accept that CJ is looking for money)...

    For missing person case...please read today's news papers (12-05-2009) in which court has ordered to police officials to produce the missing person and said that tell to agencies that court has asked for the men....

    Do you still want us to believe Sh. Rashid ??? Don't we know his forecasts and his real identity ??????

    On ethical standards CJ can't call for Musharraf case unless someone else files a suite....

    12 May case was taken suo moto by Sindh High court...first decision is to be made out of there..if you know judicial routes...

    Lal Masjid case...Abdul Aziz was released..

  • yea i tend to agree with you CJ is now more pro nawaz busy in cleaning his way for next PM post :O)

    ye daaG daaG ujaalaa, ye shab_gaziidaa sahar

    wo intazaar thaa jis kaa, ye wo sahar to nahii

  • A change of face is not enough "Change system"

  • @ LetsDoIt

    It is a serious issue not just taking the credit.

    Swear to God I was present in F8 Markaz Islamabad when there was a bomb blast and PPP people lost the lives. I was present in Supreme Court when he was restored but was there for restoration of democracy not for one person who had been partner in crime with Musharraf for 7 years. The Person who gave legitimacy to Dictator Rule for 8 years but turns against him just for personal matters in his last year must be held responsible for what he did in past. His just one “NO” though appreciable doesn’t absolve him for his 7 years for unconditional support to a Dictator.

    After his first restoration Chaudhary’ Sahab realy became a Chaudhary’ of Punjab.

    Yes Yes I wanted his restoration but through Parliament who would have scrutinized his past deeds and restored him with reprimand.