Who changed the Media to Anti Taliban

  • It all changed after the Luncheon meeting of Sharif Brothers (Nawaz & Shahbaz) with Haul Brook and USA ambassador in USA Embassy in Islamabad.

    It shows that all the Daily Jang Pro Taliban writers’ likes of Irfan Siddiqui, Hamid Meer, Kamran Khan, Haroon Rasheed, Shahid Masood and others are on the pay roll of Sharif Brothers.

    Didn’t this media knew about the Killing videos of Taliban before. Didn’t they know about Taliban version of Islam before,

    Has USA stopped the Drone Attacks which was the tool used to support Taliban.

    Has USA left Afghanistan which was the tool used to support Taliban.

    What is the difference now when PPP Government had been saying since last year that we have to fight the Taliban and GOVT was branded as anti Islam and pro USA.

    Why now why so late.

  • this is today's news

    MQM threatens to quit govt, seeks action against ANP

    Next news will be something about of NWFP and Baluchistan Govt and news about fwd block of PPP ( Shaheed Benazir Group )

    Remember those musical chair game BB and Sharif used to play together in 90s????

    Only difference is that now white house will tell when to stop the music

  • shamwarz i can agree with you

  • Sab kay sab chor hain!

    There isn't a single politician in Pakistan right now who has the balls to face the current challenges. Even in the worst of times, these politicians are busy printing as much money as they could. I am a big supporter of democracy but look at my bloody options!!? How could I vote for a terrorist organization like MQM? or a highly substandard below par party like the PMLQ? or the leaders of corruption police-muqabla group called the PMLN? or the biggest hypocrite one-man show party PTI? or the bloody Mr.10%'s version of the PPP?

    Pakistani television newsmedia is biased and it caters to a nation with 75% illiteracy who cant even read newspapers. So television becomes their only source of news. Unfortunately almost all newschannels has affiliations with various parties.

    If there ever was a sincere and capable party it should follow FIVE STEPS to bring PAKISTAN back on track to prosperity

    First it should literally put behind bars all the extremist mullas because these sobs will keep planning and conspiring against Pakistan till their daarhees rot in hell.

    The second step should be to declare an Emergency-Education-Exposure programme(EEE) which will be to eliminate jahaalat in Pakistan and open as many schools as possible. There should be a clear and realistic 15 year plan with an underlying mission statement declaring that by the year 2025 Pakistan's literacy rate shall be 80-85%.

    The third step should be to place a travel ban on every single politician who has any cases of corruption or violence against him/her. They should undergo a very strict trial until they are cleared of all charges against them. Trials for major politicians like Nawaz Sharif, Altaf Hussain etc should be televised LIVE on tv so the entire nation can judge the evidence and the fairness of the trials...and yes.. any "bhigora" politicians like Altaf Hussain should be called back by sending a request to the countries they currently seek refuge in.

    The forth step should be declaring a free market enterprise structure in Pakistan where anyone with the three Cs (credibility, conscience and compliance) should be allowed to invest regardless of their faith, ethnicity and nationality.

    The fifth and final step should be eliminating the power crises by inaugurating any planned and pending dam projects including the Kaala Baagh Dam. Soft loans should be obtained for these projects. These loans should be paid off easily once the power crises are under control as the businesses will get back to normal.

  • Have they really changed their colors? I for one doubt it very much. But then i could understand it even if what you are saying is right!. See that's the beauty of being munafiq clean-shaven taliban supporters that most of these guys are, they can sympathize with them by keeping a stubble by not shaving for a day or two and can pretend to be against them by shaving twice (if u know what i am saying)

    So at the end of the day all the loyalties of these ever adapting creatures revolve around petty things like a razor, a secret service call, going with the flow of river run by pak army etc etc.

  • in my recent post i mentioned that media should not play role as decision maker n pakistan because anyone can abuse for his own good by paying well.they are for sale pay the price according to price tag and here you go!

    nowadays america is financing geo special interview of hallbrooke by double agent usa shahid masood tells so many things afer this GEO became pro government channel and crisis cell another version of voice of america

  • i am against taliban how they butches people but i also dont want to know half truth what they want us to believe if government tell us complete truth who they are? how they are coming to pakistan who are sponsors of taliban in pakistan and providing all kind of support to them i believe no pakistani will ever go against their extermination of these criminals.

  • @Ijay

    I bet in your opinion the only non-pro american media in the whole pakistan must be that mulla fm radio of sofi's son in law!;)

  • it was the taliban themselves who changed their perception in the media and people. The "holy warriors" did not give up weapons according to swat deal after implementation of sharia and instead spread into adjacent areas. these taliban have nothing to do with islam, they are just punks with guns and beards who are in this whole game for the "maal e ganeemat" and "jizya"

  • The people sitting in the media the likes of Hamid Meer, Irfan Siddique, Ansaar Abbasi, Haroon Rasheed are not so dumb that they need Sufi Muhammad’s just one statement to change there view. These people are driven by hidden motives and that happened due to clear indication from USA putting its weight behind Military instead of Political Government. When Pakistani establishment saw that now they have chance to get on again with the political forces whole of Media has switched the loyalty towards establishment. That’s why in the media the credit is being given to Forces not the Government.

  • media has right to show both sides of the pictures.


    in Taliban issue

    every one seems like confuse on this issue .

    wethear political parties or wethear media....

    but i find most of the media ppl in favor of operation somehow ....showing the interviews of sufis and mullahas doesn't mean that they wana promote Talibanism.

    they were just showing the other side of the story.

    as long as live shows on Tv are concerned ...i find most of them in favor of operation and against Taliban.

  • @Beenai

    This confusion is always created intentionally by Religious political Mullas , Jamaati Infected Journalist and Zia Baqiyat .This propaganda machine is well organized ,well trained with deep knowledge of the issues .

    These People like to see the problem in Pakistan so they could say that their "Islami nizam " can fill the gap .

    the other group creating confusion which is just against the USA so they think that as far as any one is threat for USA is serving Islam .