Pakistan Cricket Board - An overhead

  • Hi All,

    Considering the political situation and instability in the security in Pakistan none of the team will visit Pakistan and Pakistan will no longer be hosting the coming Cricket World Cup.

    Do you think PCB and its role is such a waste to the Country?

    Please comment...


  • That would be a premature and shortsighted approach. Just because the country faces a cyclical dylemma doesnt mean you shut down the only profitable sporting authority in Pakistan. The board does need a facelift. Some big paycheques need a review and some faces need to be sacked altogether. It is the time to rightsize the board.

  • Agree sasherwani

    u rock!!!!!

  • If PCB announces a Multi Million cricket festival or CUP in Pakistan and get it sponsored by all private companies, you will see the british and Australian cricketers licking our ass. Show them the money and the Chairman of ICC will buy a house and will happily live in SWAT... These westerners have no faith but MONEY which they have showed with their Dual Standards.