Shaheen Sehbai is the owner of pk.politics website?

  • can some1 confirm it?

  • NO, he's not!

    Sehbai launched following website after he left Pakistan during Mush's time.

  • Yes I do confirm that this site is owned by Shaheen Sehbai. please read Shahis Mardood article in Jang.

    Shaheen Sehbai is an opportunist an icon of Filthy media. This Guy had been the biggest TC of Asif Zardari during his stay in New York. But when PPP came into Power Sheheen Sehbai wanted to become ambassador in USA but could not succeed and the post went to Hussain Huqqani. That is the sole reason Mr. Sehbai became personal enemy of Asif Zaradri like Shahid Mardood.

  • shamwariz i know 1 thing pkpolitics is pro nawaz website i hardly see any anti nawaz story here even he addresses in machi market that video will also be posted here within minutes

  • yes even i read that column of shahid masood and it actually was the sole reason of me rejoining this forum (i had joined it earlier but left it as there were hardly any members to discuss things with ).

    So i rejoined it thinking that now that the likes of shahids have mentioned its name, it must have become a real popular forum but i must admit that after being here it just looks like any other site made by a random pakistani politics fan(s).

    It certainly doesn't look like a site owned by a famous journalist like sahbai!

  • This site truely reflects so called ...famous journalist like sahbai!. look at all the stories published in the NEWS by Sehbai are all Zardari focussed. He cannot discuss any other issue. He has personal biased against Zardari becuase he could not get embassdor post in USA.

  • i am laughing .

    i dono Shaheen Shahbai.

    i never met him.

    and u are saying that i am following his particular agenda.

    as long as ownership of this site is concerned.

    i am least bothered about it .

    as long as site is giving me a chance to exchange my views with fellow Pakistanis.

    BTW ,i don't think its promoting a particular school of thought.


    just a clarification

    all i saw was a mere mention of in masood's column, though let me admit it that as far as i remember he in now way tried to portray this site as a property of shaheen sehbai

    may be people are confusing it just because both of them were mentioned at the same time in that column however what they need to realize is that the contexts were entirely different!

  • Well anybody post the link of Shahid Masood's article..Thanx


    here read it and decide it for yourself

    i think he is actually just praising

  • Thanx bro ucsher

  • i agree .

    he is not linking PKPOLITICS with Sheen Shahebai.

  • Yes,

    He is not linking PKPolitics with Shaheen Shahebai..

    Also in the last sentence he Confirmed my previous posting about him.

  • What if the Pkpolitics forum is owned and being run by Nawaz Sharif or Imran Khan or Zardari or Altaf Husain?

    Would we stop using this forum where everyone gets the place and space to ventilate the feelings?

    With the exception of a few such as CSPAN, Weather, Discovery, Sports, no channel, no Newspaper, Magazine or Radio Station is free of inclination towards a particular school of thought.

    Is it wise to reject a useful medicine if it is coming from a pharmacy owned by a Jew?

  • @JS...

    People are weird! I will give you an intersting example....

    As a Cardiac Surgeon, we use 2 kinds of heart Valves...1 is made of Mechenical valve and the other is Tissue valve (Made of PIG's Tissue) So obviously we have our set criterias.. AS Mechenical Valves lasts life long as compare to tissue valve which last for 15/20 years, we generally give Mechenical to Young and tissue valves to Old patients over 60 years of age. Problem with Mechenical valve is that, you need to be on a tablet which thins your blood and requires a blood test almost every week to fortnight for rest of your life with the risk of bleeding if your blood level goes to high(to make blood very thin) orif the level goes too low, the valve can clot off resulting in death.

    Now recently I had 2 patients, both of them required a heart valve change. First Guy was a Pakistani... kindda very religious...... He refused Tissue valve and choose Mechenical valve though I recommended him mechenical valve due to his age. On the other hand a private Arab Patient from Kuwait choosed a tissue valve though he did asked me if it was made of PIG's valve. So our Pakistani friend now comes almost 3 times a week for blood test as his blood levels goes up and down.. That day he was cursing himself for his decision while the Arab guy got discharged and have gone back to Kuwait.

    This example not gives us an insight about the two types of muslims exists but also the fact that we pakistanis are a bit too much extremist in our thinking and usually later regret our decisions after the initial flare up!

    It doesn't matter if this site is owned by Zardari, altaf, imran or tony Blair! It gives us a chance to air our views and in the end that only counts!

  • This site may be related to Imran Khan as there is always add on the main by PTI "Join Imran Khan in UK " because PTI forum is not popular .

    also there are dedicated "chailay " of Imran Khan in this forum you will never find these kind of chailay on other forums