Why Pakistani Shia population is more liberal/secular?

  • My observation is that majority of Shia population of pakistan is liberal and secular in nature compared to sunnis.

    I reached this conclusion after spending my time in school, college and social life.

    Do you guys agree with this assertion? If yes, what's the reason behind it?

    P.S - Plz don't convert it into a shia/sunni fight or hate debate. thanks

  • Not Offensives .

    Yes they are liberal but become very conservative when some one try to discuss about their rituals ,like matam ,jallos ,zuljanah etc .You will find very libral but will become a "taliban" when some one say single word against them .

    They vote for secular parties but they also engaged with "tehreek-e-Nifaz fiqa jaferya " .They support Pakistani Aeen but same time they support for the "khumani" cause .

    they oppose taliban but support "Khumaini Inqilab " which is the same to me .

  • what option do they have but to be liberals/ secular in a society where they see that their rivals i.e sunnis/deobandis/ahl-e-hadees etc have already captured the "conservative" seat and look how good they are doing!

    on a serious note , i do agree with netenger, the societies what you know as "hardcore shi'ite societies" are almost like talibaaani societies as well, so its just a coincidence that you find the shia-ites of lhr and khi liberals because trust me i have known some shia-ites from quetta & hazara and they are as extremists as any one!

    i think it has more to do with the personal choice, as well as, the kind of society you come from rather than the sect you belong to!

  • It is because Shia People strongly believe in Ijtihad. That is for all the new issues Political or religious they follow the Fatwa of Mujtahids to whom they follow. Not every one can issue the Fatwa as in other school of Thoughts. To become Mujtahid you need certain degree of qualifications and publications pertaining to religious and Political issues which needs to asserted by selected sitting Mujtahids.

    Even Allama Iqbal was strongly for Ijtihad and because of these believes he was branded Kaffir by some.

  • @shamwariz

    But why then we see the hardcore shi'ite society like iran hardly having any liberal traits?

  • I do not agree with this they are 0% sacular. They have 0% tolerance against SAHABA everybody knows that so haw can they be a secular?????

    Can somebody explain me????

  • Yeah agreed with F. Ali , even they hesistate to curse Sahabs.. which is really terrible...having different opinion is something different but cursing is terrible.

  • @F.ali

    I think the very perception that you become liberal or conservatives due to the sect you belong to is flawed!

    p.s i see this thread quickly turning into an "ugly akhara" soon

  • Yes i think this should not be discussed in these kinds of furums.

    msohail koi or achi baat bhi ker lia karo bajai FIRQEBAAZI k :)))

  • Compare them with society of Saudis Arabia and of Taliban where women are not part of society you will see in Iran they are part of Society but with head Cover. Even 40% wemen are member of Prliment.

    As for as rituals are concerned every human is conservative to follow own ritual but liberalism is they don’t force others to follow or they don’t harm others who follow theirs

  • We as sunnis discuss the rituals openly and there is always open debate that what is sunnah or what is bidd'a .

    Shia Mullas do not like to listen any single world ,no one is allowed to discussed and criticize their rituals ,not one can debate on the Matam ,zuljanah ,Taziya on Media ,If they hear some thing against it then on the next day you will find the wall chalking and protest on the streets .

    Shia Mullas are just like talibans with "Zero " tolerance .

    I personally do not like the hatred discussions in religion but there should be healthy debate but Unfortunately I have find out the "libral " shia become very Conservative (taliban) when it comes to criticism on Shias

  • Laugh out loud!

    shaias! Liberal and secular! good joke!

    mshoail first learn the definition of liberal and secualr?

  • The true definition of Liberalism is Live and let others Live the way one feels.

    Who follows what is their personal matter but if they want to follow what they like but dont force others is true liberalism. Some one might have views

  • guys,,,

    this thread is seriously going to be turn into a hate debate .

    i m closing it .