Rs 410,000 per night for a room in Washington!

  • So what????

    5 billion $ bhi to le k ae ga 5000 shale gae to kia hua?????????

    Pakistani Nation will DO MORE work to paid additional taxes.

  • AND THESE S.O.BS are asking people of pakistan to help IDPs

    No way!

  • They are making sure that they should spent half of the aid which they will collect after begging.

    BTW i will repeat my question here once again. Who is paying for Bilawal Zardari. Is it Govt. of pakistan or his father Mr. Zardari.

  • Cmmon LetsDoIt

    He's BHUTTO

    The future of Pakistan. Future PM of Pakistan. Future President of Pakistan. Future Opposition Leader of Pakistan


    Who'll pay?????

    obviously it's me & u who pay the taxes.


  • Typical Pak analysis in the article. I guess it balances the 'karma' of information that is floated around on the net.

    How much time we spend on details such as spending on Presidential suits, how many croissants Bilawal consumed for breakfast, whether the entourage took goody-bags of hotel toiletries back to Pak with them or not. Sorry guys and girls, though the info. on WHO went with him was relevant the rest was not. More important developments are happening in the world!!

    I suppose as the country is in a dire state of flux economically, Zard-ari and his entourage's spending seems quite ludicrous.... but what do we expect? Do you think he is going to tighten his purse strings in remberence of the poor he is meant to represent?

  • I think here our brothers viewpoint is unfair. You must consider that Mr. Zardari is visiting in the capacity of a president. Hence according to protocol he has to reside in such a hotel. Please don't think that he should find a 1 star hotel in the downtown of Washington D.C.

    The question which may be raised and be genuine is that if Mr. Zardari is visiting USA on an Official invitation then why he is not offered to live in Stage Guest Houses. I think when other Presidents come to Pakistan, they are made to reside in Stage Guest Houses and i think they don't need to pay for their stay... Correct me if i am wrong...

  • Most of americans officials including their leaders, who visits pakistan dont stay in hotels or in guest houses.. They all stay in American embassies.. this is a true information and not a gossip!

  • I understand all the arrangements of the foreign dignitaries visiting Washington D.C. are organized upon the advice of the Secret Service, for security motives.

    The distance from the White House, mobility and to avoid the congestion of traffic is also considered.

    It is not so important issue to be discussed.

    Head of the state or government, even from the poorest country, has a right to exercise some privileges according to protocol.

  • @all

    what about the other 60 guests staying in the same hotel and many other in different hotels on our expense ?