Stop chasing Dead Ones

  • netengrr..

    Osama is not American Agent???? I beg your Pardon!!!

    Even American accepts that he was trained and funded by CIA and ISI. What are you on about?

    I am not surprised that you bring Jaamat in this discussion which was about Osama and Baitullah. lol.. Though a bit surprised you did not mention IK? ;-) Kaya tabeeyat kharrab hey? lol j/k

  • LOLZ khan saheb....waisay MQM / Altaf bhai nahi ayaaa abhi thaak...saab ki tabitat teek hai? ;)

  • @khan

    why don't you just post your views and leave without addressing me directly .

    I think you did not learn the lesson yesterday :).

  • @Netgrr...

    We do address each other on this site regularly... But if you get offended then I can stop "Addressing" you!

    As regards to yesterday, I think he must have learned his lesson! Though I have an idea who that person is... Don't think that I don't have resources.. I will bring the poof if I did get that soon...

    Anyways.. I did air my views in reply to your statement about Osama being no an agent of CIA.. Care to read?

    @Justa pakistani..

    LOL... Yaar u can address me any time u want... ;-)

    Wasey Hussanin mehdi nahee ayee iss posting pur nahee tou abhee MQM ka link Osama say zaroor nikal laytaa.. Wasey MQM may bhee letter "M" atta hay aur osama may bhee "M" atta hay... lol.. daikha link!!!

  • @khan sabb

    Kal ki goli yaad hay na ,Kahan lagi thi :) :)

    Jaisa sawal waisa jawab

  • yar Khan saheb tum poray heee Dr hoo ;)MQM aur OSAMA ka operation karkay M common factor nikal hi liyaa.....waisay Hussanin mehdi bhai kisi thread mian akalay hi lagay hon gaay ;)

  • justapakistani...

    HM kee yahee tou baa mujay acchee lagtee hay.. Khood hee sawal karta hay aur khood hee jawab bhee day ditaa hay.. lol


    Accha jannab.. AAp ko koyee address na karey lakin app kar loe? haan? LOL Wasey Golee marnay kay leeye "DUM" chayeeh hota hay.. Aysay "Khaghazee shair" bohoat daikhain hain may nay! Lets not go there as I don't want to upset anyone.. So no addressing between us! Happy!

  • The persons under discussion might be the product of American CIA. We should discuss what is the existing status and position of these 'Agents'?

    Agents are not hired on permanent bases but they also undergo the procedure of hiring and firing once the job is accomplished.

    The late, King of Iran is the textbook example.

    According to historical and circumstantial evidence, Pakistan was created by the Capitalists to block and contain the flow of Russian Communism and China's Socialism to India and other parts of the region.

    After the fall of Russian Federation and some other developments, the future role for Pakistan is being materialized.

    New 'agents' would be hired, instructed and trained to carry out the mission.


    Hussain bhai ko koi na cherey warna

    why why analysis shroo ho jae ga


  • @JS

    Don't u think that Zardari,Shareefs,Mussharaf,ALtaf are also one of those touts of Anglo-American Mafia?

    No One has seen Baitullah in last few weeks and same for Osama who has not been seen from more then a year.. Videos can be faked which is not a big deal these days>

  • @ Khan & Ali yee tu woohi hoo giyaa "Aaaik saawal mian karoun aur aaik saawal tum karoo" aur har sawal kaaa jawaab hi saawal hooo " cheers......