Stop chasing Dead Ones

  • This so-called "War on Terror" started by the BIGGEST liars of mankind history. The americans are after Osama bin Laden who is already dead as Late Benazir revealed in her interview with David Frost of BBC. So is the case with Baitullah Mehsud. "The leader of Pakistan's Taliban, Baitullah Mehsud, is dead from kidney failure", sources told CNN.

    "An unnamed Islamabad-based source with connections within the Mehsud tribe in South Waziristan said Mehsud died about 1 a.m. Wednesday". Military officials in the field confirmed to CNN that Mehsud had died.

  • If every one is dead then Who Implimented the "talibani Shariat in Sawat ?

    If every terrorist is dead then to whome the army is fighting for ??

    If no one is there then why politician do not go there ??

    Na ser na Paiar ...bas taliban ki himayat kerni hay here haal main

  • Are Osama Bin Laden and Baitullah Mehsud demnanding the Shariat?

  • Yes ,Osama started his war against USA in 1995 ,Islami Jihad ,and Alqaida demands a Khilafat in the world .Eiman az zawahri spend his life for this cause .These guys did not just popup they had the ideology and they used Afghanistan Mullah Umers Sriat for their purpose

  • Has anybody recently heard Osama Bin Laden and Baitullah Mehsud saying we want Shariat in Swat?

  • If he does not want any thing then why he left saudi arabia and came to Afghanistan ???

  • Bhaion or Behno

    Pehle ye link dekh lo

    He was, He is on a CIA payroll. Ab or kia proof chahiye?????

    Do you remember any good work on his credit????????????

  • the author of this thread got it so wrong!

    it is not a war for some individuals but a war of ideas and the main target is actually the extremist/poiltical

    so-called islamists and their ideology of prevailing on world through jehad & sword.

    osamas and baitullahs are just tiny pieces of the bigger picture.

  • netengr, you are not getting my point. What I am saying is according to Benazir 'Osama is dead' and reportedly so is Baitullah Mehsud. But americans keep saying that Osama is hiding in Pakistan so let's get him.

  • @SAMI

    Even if they stop saying that (which i don't feel to be the case now anyway), would that stop ttp or tnsm or alqaida or alqaida etc etc in anyway?

    the way i see it, it all might have started with all the lime light on these characters (which was only natural) but its so not about a mere bin laden or a lonely baitullah now!

    in fact TIME HAS PROVED THAT its actually more about the clash of civilization or the clash of ideologies now

    So whether osama is dead or alive, if i am some 1 who believes in a free society, i should be as worried about ttp, tnsm etc as an american living thousand miles away.

    so my advise to you would be


  • I ask you guys some fundamental questions. Whose war is it? Who started this war and on what grounds?

  • @sami

    well lets just say that pakistani society was being instilled with extreamist thoughts since zia's era ( just go in to the archives of zarb-e-momin and you would realize that some guys were even trying to portray the success & praise our cricket team was getting in those days as some kind of saazish against us just to make these so-called "duniyavi" cricketers our heroes and to distract our attention from our "real heroes", which according to the paper were "Mujahideens"!..and btw this something that i read when i was only 9 or 10 and couldn't stop laughing)

    so minds were being poisoned against an unseen power on the daily basis , then we made talibans to rule the world, who then supported osama against the west and hence the 9/11

    so whether you accept it or not we are in fact directly or indirectly related to whatever happened in some way or other and hence this our war whether we own it or not and even if we keep denying it

  • i WANT to know why instead of shraith can't we use Talibani Law... Can we do this shariath its very honorable important word in islam..please! this is a conspiracy to defame islamic shariah! dont act like ignorant and toy of enemies of islam.

  • I agree with UCSHER

  • Osama moved OUT OF SAUDIA ARABIA as a protest against the Saudia royal family decision to allow american army into Saudia. He later joined Mulla Omar and after marrying his daughter he become a part of that group.

  • KHAN

    Do he has anything positive on his credit????

  • @F.ali,


    he has played the HERO role ,in the drama staged by US with the title of WAR ON TERROR.

  • F.Ali,

    He has not done anything "Heroic" for the Muslim world but Yes he is a HERO of United States to give them every reason to invade Afghanistan and tribal areas of pakistan. The Other Side hero was Saddam Hussain who is dead jus like the HERO of Middle east Mr Yassir Arfat...Another Hero of American Middle Eastern Movie.

  • I do not agree that Osama is the CIA agent but I do think that he is an agent of Satan .May be he is used by CIA but these kind of people are doing these activity based on their ideology

    Osama is the creation from a ideology which exist in muslims world and invented by syed qutub/hasnul banna ,moududi and others .they become threat to any one who is in power either muslim country and non muslim country .After afghan war they thought that they have destroy USSR ,so they started fight in many countries such as Kashmir ,Chechnya,central Russia , Philippines and start planing to make their government in Pakistan .and the same time they wanted to destroy USA .

    according to their ideology all this system of the governance and judiciary is "batil " so muslim cannot live under this "batil nizam "

    Eiman azawahri created Alqida ,Aiman was from Alikhawan group from Egypt .when syed qutub was hanged Eiman decided to follow the foot step of Syed qutub .

    So this is not a national or religious war

    this is war of their ideology and they want all muslim to be involve in their cause .

    USA have worked ,financed and equipped them during afghan war ,USA is scared from them that is why they are taking every step to destroy them ,on the other side they want to damage as much as possible

    Most of the country has eliminated these groups by force but in pakistan these groups and ideology respected in the society because of the mind set developed by Jamaati and Zia Baqiyat .

  • Well netengr can u post some stuff regarding the ideology ,history and evolution of syed qutub/hasnul banna ,moududi and others. Moreover how their ideology differs or negative the "Islamic ideology" ....