Hanley hints at evidence against Altaf

  • Reported in the DAWN in March 1996

    The British minister of state in the foreign office, Jeremy Hanley said: I did not meet any MQM leaders while in Karachi, nor had I any plans to meet them. It is our policy only to meet those in the opposition who follow democratic ways and not adopt terrorism.

    In 1996, the British government policy was to meet only democratic forces not those who adopt terrorism. So, what made the British government not only change its policy but also granted British nationality to the Don?

  • DON ka peechey 40 mulkoun kee Police paree hoyee hay magar Don ko pakrna itnna assan nahee hay (LAKIN INN MULKOUN MAY BRITISH POLICE NAHEE HAY NA!) LOL

  • Khab bhai itni Indian movies naa dekhoo kahin SUFI MOHAMMAD /Taliban kaay fatway ki zaaad mian naa aajooo ;)

  • Bhai Sahib,,,

    Sufi aik baar mayree range may tou ajayee! May nay bhee Mulla ko bhaij dainna hay NY say uss kay peechay! LOL

  • yar bhai mulla tu khud hi bach kaay NY mian hai....waisay Sufi koo range mian lanay kaa chaakar mian khud iski range mian nahi aajana ;)

  • LOL,

    Baach gayee tou Ghazi, Mur gayee tou Shaheed.. I truely believe that people like them including some of our corrupt politicians should be eliminated.. Wasey per my Knowledge, Sufi ..fassad kee jaar nahee hay balkey uss kaa Daa-maad (Son in law) is the main culprit.. he is running the show.. sufi kee apnee koyee auqqat nahee..

  • haan u r right uskaa son in law Mulla Fazalullah a.k.a MULLA FM radio.........is the mian culcript

  • Sufi is violent or not but his thinking that he is the ultimate authority on Islam is also and equally dangerous.