Fatwas for IJay

  • IJay chunni babu has been releasing a lot of fatwas lately the latest one being living in a nonmuslim country is haraam. I have some more "real" fatwas to share with you for IJay's knowledge and the rest of the member's amusement.

    1. Pokeman is haraam!

    Why? because Pokeman cartoons encourage gambling?!

    Who? Saudi Arabia

    When? Jan 2001

    2. Polio drops are haraam!

    Why? because Polio drops are an Amreekan conspiracy to sterilize Muslims

    Who? MMA of Pakistan

    When? 2007

    3. Men and women are not supposed to work together!

    Why? because a woman can work with men she is allowed to breastfeed to?!!!

    Who? Cairo University, Egypt

    When? May 2007

    4. Misyar (Sunni version of Mut'a meaning time-fixed marriage)

    Why? Well the sunni mullas would actually say WHY NOT?

    Who? Saudi Arabia

    When? 2007

    Any other fatwas you guys could think of?

  • This post is deleted!