Imran Khan disappointed on his arrival at Karachi.


    Imran khan was badly disappointed on his arrival at Karachi after about 2 years when he noted that only a few hundred workers were there to greet him. He had expected a large mob but the situation had not changed. His campaigned for defaming MQM chief failed to give results.

    It is an old proverb that "agar tum chand per thooko gay to thook tum per hi aa giray ga." (If you try to spit on moon, your spit will fall back on you."

    It is a fact that MQM has strong roots in public and propaganda of Imran khan was easily foiled by MQM workers and its media team who quickly lashed out and started public awareness against plots of Imran Khan and his filthy character. Counterstrike of MQM was successful.

    Today Imran Khan stands with only a handful of workers, most of his workers and supporters now avoid to even stand by his side. Female workers who were mostly his fans, were the most shocked one, when they knew that imran khan is a "Zani" ( illicit sex relationship) and also have an illegitimate daughter to whom he has failed to give his name and rights. Tall Image of a hero has shattered.

    Imran's only hope now lies with ANP under whose shadow he will keep his support for Taliban. His recent comments against Army action in Swat and Malakand has also spark concerned in general public as well as government. He is trying to keep up his failed trend of anti-state politics.


  • You rock man you rock

    i dont wanna join MQM but yes i have a soft corner for them because of MUSTAFA KAMAL. KARACHI's real


  • nice one.... imran khan ko apni auqat ka finally andaza hogya.. khi akur.... itney arsey sey rona gana lagaya huaa.. mujhe khi aney nahin detey.. mujhey aney doo... and so on.. shukar hey...lets see what's his next rona gana :)

  • abhi bohot sare supporter ate hee honge is thread pe.

    BUT once agin

    ' you rock man '

  • oh i got's his excuse... mqm walon ney aney nahin diya sub ko ... warna lakhon ka majma hota ....lols haha...

  • awww ...chalo bachon ko khushi mananay ka moqa mila :-)

  • @zephyr

    Is this the latest press release from 90??

  • lols thats the best :) a pti supporter can come up with .. lols hahaaaaaa

  • msohail

    yaar maan jao plz maan jao bhai mere ab to maan jao

    karachi mai us IMRAN TALIBANI urf Z**NI ki jaga nahi hai

  • @karachilover

    Nawaz Sharif got 6,781,445 votes in 2008 election. All those people didn't turn up for the rallies but voted for him.

    BTW, he wasn't even there for a 'jalsa'!!!!

  • zephyr..

    JOIN MQM? Why?


    Killers of Pukhtoons,

    Killers of Punjabis,

    Killers of Baluchs,

    Killers of Sindhis,

    And most of all, they killed more Muhajirs in Karachi then any party.

    They, who are the Biggest "Bhattakhoar" of Karachi,

    Their MNA's and MPA's are involved with land Mafia and have sold thousands of Plots illegally.

    Same MQM, Killer of Azeem Tariq, Raees Amrouhi and Azeem Tariq

    Killer of hundreds of Karachi Police personnel.

    MQM, who started with a slogan of, HUQOOQ YA MOAT (Rights or Death) and then they settled on Wazarat (Ministry)

    What happened to the "Return of BIHARIS"? Any Answer?

    What happened to Quota System? Any Answer?

    What happened to Muhajirs Huqqoq? Any Answer?

    Why MQM is no investigating murders of Azeem Tariq, Raees Amrouhi and Hakeem Saeed? Any Answer?

    Why Altaf Hussain is hiding in London? When its there Govt for last so many years! Any Answer?

    Why MQM-Haqqeeqi supporters and members are killed like animals? If you are a Muhajirs and don’t agree with Altaf, so will that mean that you have to be killed and put behind bars? Any Answer?

    If MQM can sit in PPP’s lap who was at one stage number1 enemy of MQM then how come they can’t talk with Afaq and Aamir Khan? They were once upon a time Die hard members of MQM!

    Why DR Aamir Lyaqat was kicked out? His Sentiments against Qadyanees? So does every Muhajirs believes or support Qadyanees? Any Answer/

    Why MQM Goons think that every Muhajirs should be an MQM supporter? If they don’t join/support then they have to be victimised! Why this Ghundagree? Any Answer?

    Why Altaf is scared of Pukhtoons in Karachi? Pukhtoons don’t take any jobs which usually a Muhajirs will like to apply! They Dig holes, repair roads, work in Building industries as a labour, and are mouchee, chowkidaar, and drivers. How many of Muhajirs wants these jobs? If none, then why are they so scared of Pukhtoons when they have nothing in common to fight for? Any Answer?

    Now that you have become so personal about IK for no reason, then answer this too!

    Why your leader raped so many Muhajirs girls in 90 Azizabad? ...Altaf Hussain... The Rapist of Muhajirs girls (it's a well known secret)

    Why did he raped late Nazia Hassan and got away with it, despite the fact that the poor girl went to the CM house to complaint but Dalley jub hukmirran houn tou unn say Insaaf kee tawaqa rakhnna fazool hay!

    MQM log tub hee join karain gay jub tum Altaf, saleem shahzad, Baber ghouri jaisoun ko beech chowk may goli mar doe gay yaa Phansee pay lutkaa doe gay!

  • imran khan should lapet his boriya bistar now from sindh.. sindh mein in ki koi dal nahin galni.........

  • MQM should do the same in Pakistan..

    India kay agents kee pakistan may koyee jagga nahee

  • @msohail83

    My dear Nawaz Shareef is a leader and MQM also admit he has a good mandate. Please don't compare Imran with leaders !

  • yeah i know he wasnt here for jalsa.. but the count of people at khi airport showed his "popularity" plus the so called rally from airport to shahrahe faisal further put a dent in his claims... that khi people are with him...

    it is an eye opener for him.. khi people dont like him let alone trust him... so he should go back to his gujrat or wherever he is gonna run election from and build his constituency.... khi mein to zamanat zabt hojaee gi imran ki

  • @karachilover

    You may live in Karachi but u definitely DONT own it. It belongs to anybody just as much it belongs to you.

    Let him do his things. Have patience and learn to be tolerant. I understand its contradictry to MQM culuture because they are so used to silencing every voice against them.

    You can't be called a 'democratic party' when you get riled up on every little criticism coming at you and start blackmailing you coallition partners with threats of quitting govt.

  • Dear MQM brothers...please also do something of all news papers because they have printed a different story from what you have mentioned above.

    Although I am not a PTI member but please try to answer the questions of Khan Sahib....

  • if mqm = indian agent.. then i guess jo lakhon log mqm ko vote detey hein woh bhee indian agent hein.. then i guess urdu speaking muhajir bhee indian agents hein... wow yeh to hal hey .. jis party ko open mandate mila not just one time but from 1987 till now.. woh indian agent hey.....yeh to hey tassub aur racism against us khi people....just because you dont like us..hum ghaddare watan hojatey hein.......

    mashallah aap ki soch pur..

  • This is the problem KHAN . This is the main problem jo bhi hamare agains mai hot hai kia woh indian agent hota hai?????

    JO LOG MQM ko vote dete hain woh sab indian agent hote hain ?????

    kia saara karachi indian agent hai?????

    kia patriotism ka certificate punjab k liye hai?????

    issi waja se bangladesh hum se alag hua tha q k woh punjab k muffad main nahi tha is liye un ko INDIAN AGENT keh ap jese logo ne apni jaan chura lee.

    Im really disappointed with your statement. I thought you are quite decent fellow but let me admit you are too among those TASUBBEE.

  • anp was also branded as indian and russian agent.... so jis pur khud ghaddari ka label laga ho.. woh aaj hamarey muhibbe watan honey pur ungliyan uthatey hein..isnt it ironic.......