Imran Khan disappointed on his arrival at Karachi

  • zephyr..

    JOIN MQM? Why?


    Killers of Pukhtoons,

    Killers of Punjabis,

    Killers of Baluchs,

    Killers of Sindhis,

    And most of all, they killed more Muhajirs in Karachi then any party.

    They, who are the Biggest "Bhattakhoar" of Karachi,

    Their MNA's and MPA's are involved with land Mafia and have sold thousands of Plots illegally.

    Same MQM, Killer of Azeem Tariq, Raees Amrouhi and Azeem Tariq

    Killer of hundreds of Karachi Police personnel.

    MQM, who started with a slogan of, HUQOOQ YA MOAT (Rights or Death) and then they settled on Wazarat (Ministry)

    What happened to the "Return of BIHARIS"? Any Answer?

    What happened to Quota System? Any Answer?

    What happened to Muhajirs Huqqoq? Any Answer?

    Why MQM is no investigating murders of Azeem Tariq, Raees Amrouhi and Hakeem Saeed? Any Answer?

    Why Altaf Hussain is hiding in London? When its there Govt for last so many years! Any Answer?

    Why MQM-Haqqeeqi supporters and members are killed like animals? If you are a Muhajirs and don’t agree with Altaf, so will that mean that you have to be killed and put behind bars? Any Answer?

    If MQM can sit in PPP’s lap who was at one stage number1 enemy of MQM then how come they can’t talk with Afaq and Aamir Khan? They were once upon a time Die hard members of MQM!

    Why DR Aamir Lyaqat was kicked out? His Sentiments against Qadyanees? So does every Muhajirs believes or support Qadyanees? Any Answer/

    Why MQM Goons think that every Muhajirs should be an MQM supporter? If they don’t join/support then they have to be victimised! Why this Ghundagree? Any Answer?

    Why Altaf is scared of Pukhtoons in Karachi? Pukhtoons don’t take any jobs which usually a Muhajirs will like to apply! They Dig holes, repair roads, work in Building industries as a labour, and are mouchee, chowkidaar, and drivers. How many of Muhajirs wants these jobs? If none, then why are they so scared of Pukhtoons when they have nothing in common to fight for? Any Answer?

    Now that you have become so personal about IK for no reason, then answer this too!

    Why your leader raped so many Muhajirs girls in 90 Azizabad? ...Altaf Hussain... The Rapist of Muhajirs girls (it's a well known secret)

    Why did he raped late Nazia Hassan and got away with it, despite the fact that the poor girl went to the CM house to complaint but Dalley jub hukmirran houn tou unn say Insaaf kee tawaqa rakhnna fazool hay!

    MQM log tub hee join karain gay jub tum Altaf, saleem shahzad, Baber ghouri jaisoun ko beech chowk may goli mar doe gay yaa Phansee pay lutkaa doe gay!

  • May Altaf "KHANNA" die of swine flu!

  • beautiful dua^,

    its a good habit for some to give such great duas.

    atleast for the loonies.

  • Khan Sahib

    Very Good post, being Muhajir myself I second everything you wrote. Such a great movement started as a voice against quote system and dsicrimination now become hostage to this gang leader named Altaf Hussain.

  • @KhanSahib,

    Its sad to see the way karachi has been kept hostage by the MQM Mafia. I have a friend who works with me. His brother was abducted by the MQM (They are urdu speakers) and both his knees was drilled. later they shot him several times and left his decapitated body in a bag. This Boy was a young, ambitious chap who was a bright MBA student. Would you believe why was he killed?

    His sister (My friend) was abducted by MQM sector Incharge's Men (A Guy called sardar, who was later killed by MQM for joining Amir Khan group) and she was raped several times over days. She was eventually released and was threatened for next few months. This Family was a keen supporter of MQM and my friend used to go to 90 to work for them. His brother when went to complaint to the local police station (I think its called Gulberg Police station) he was abducted outside that pollice station.

    Her Mother died during her abduction period and she fled karachi and went to lahore to stay with a friend.

    She is now living in NY and got recently married to a Pakhtoon Guy from Peshawar. Stories of MQM never bothered me before but after meeting her almost 2 years ago, there is not one single night that i don't think of her overdeal.

    I have no words to explain her sorrow and grief. If you see her crying her heart out(almost every night) you will cry as well because, I feel like dying. I have nothing to add to both your articles here and on "Demise of Pukhtoon nation" and I can understand the anger and frustration.

    I do pray for her and for every muslim to get that eternal peace and May ALLAH destroy each and every single MQM leader and its "Members" for supporting this cruel group of robbers,rapists and murderers.