Politician of Potohar

  • Potohar is a plateau in Northern Punjab, its been inhabited by Soan culture from 100,000 years, fossils evidence is there. It is intresting that Politician of all hews are against the Taliban brutalities very vocally, is it something to do with ancient traditions of peace and harmony or modern politics. Whatever it is, just makes common Potoharis proud to be peaceful Pakistani citizens. Here regards to Raja Pervaiz Ashraf of PPP, and Nisar Khan of PML(N) and everyone else who stood up against the cancer of Taliban.

  • Now there is really a change in public .now politicians like Imran Khan ,Qazi hussain ,Hameed gul and others cannot cash this issue any more .now people now accept that the taliban and militancy is not the islamic issue and its the problem in pakistan

  • Ayaz Amir is also a potohari and has apparently gone even against the opinion of his own party to oppose Taliban

  • Ayaz meer is a GUD Man! I like his views ...

  • What is the true meaning of :

    Khoti qus ni ?

    Rajay ni..

    Raja Qus na ?

    Aha Khoti na!

    What does this mean ?


  • @Mulla:

    It means wtf..... you came back after x amount of days to post THAT?!?!?!?!?!?


    MY Exact sentiments when i READ his post.. lol

  • Mulla knows exactly what the phrase means.

    He likes to play his games ;-)

  • To think Potohari culture is just "khoti kuss nee, raje nee", doesn't do justice to 2 million potoharis. It is true most Potoharis are from Gakhar clan, commonly known rajas. Gakhar clan has strong tradition military traditions dating back to centuries. Potohari are alomst the core of Pakistan armed forces. Yes brother Ayaz Amir is from Potohar, he can't win elections next time if he sides with Talibans, because of suicide bombing in his native constituency, Talibans are respeonsible for that brutality by their own confession. Also Potoharis have strong culture of "Sher", which is similar to "Bolian" in wider Punjabi culture.

  • @Potohari:

    Justice is something that is in depleted supply in Pakistan in every walk of life, I am sad to say..... and the worst part is that when Pakistanis migrate, for whatever reason abroad, instead of looking around them and opening their minds towards positive development, they simply continue their 'bent' ignorant ways.

  • It is somehow intresting that most Pakistani who migrat abroad live in Pakistani ghettos and don't take in posotive cultures of host nations. I am sure with time everything will change.

  • With time things are surely changing! But the change is happening within the successive generations ,(2 and 3 to be precise).

    Khan Sahib is correct in attributing some of the blame to the elders. I have the same such thoughts towards the elders living as overseas Paks. I must say though, that overseas the majority of migrants hailed from rural areas and were on the whole uneducated (please do not mistake that last statement as a sign of arrogance, I am merely stating the reality). This lack of education does produce 'gharhey ka dhadu' mentality. It would have been oh so helpful to the following generations if the parents had not been so 'ghetto'/afraid in their outlook towards the British.

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    I stronly agree with you brother.

  • @Potohari:

    Acha laga agreement mein hain donun.

    Would just like to correct one small detail: you are in agreement with a sister.

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    Ok Oriel sister, thanks for correction.

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    slow increase in female population! lol

    I am actually pleased to see Onyxhs after beenai,Oriel,Heather and larki..

    Welcome to the community!

    We Fight,argue but we all (almost) want a strong Pakistan and a strong Muslim Ummah...

  • Ok!


    what does...........miki kharo englaand ? mean in potohari ..


    I am just kidding..

    anyways, lets get to some other serious topic other then whose khoti and whose raja ?


  • Today at lunch me and my firends were sitting one is from Potohar and the other was Butt .

    Butt said to me pointing to my potogari friend ,you know iss kay gaoon main log Khoti........ :)

    I really just discover today and I find this on forum .

    we have so much telnet in pakistan :)