Real situation in Swat - Great Afzal Khan Lala interview

  • The Brave Afzal Lala originally from Sawat saying about Taliban .He just against taliban and shows his bravery and honesty .

    But on the other side Qazi,Hameed gul ,Munawer ,and Imran Groupe never criticize them and supported them openly and trying to defend them just to get the polarity .In ki khuli himayat kernay per Tareekh in logon ko kabhi maaf nahi keray gi ,Bajaye iss kay kay woh Sawat jatay aur logon ko Taliban ki musibat say nijatt dilatay woh log Army operation ki mukhalfat ker rahay hain ..shame on Imran khan and JI who are doing politics on Sawat .

    1/3 Real situation in Swat - Afzal Khan Lala (ANP) - May 4, 2009

    2/3 Real situation in Swat - Afzal Khan Lala (ANP) - May 4, 2009

    3/3 Real situation in Swat - Afzal Khan Lala (ANP) - May 4, 2009

  • i admire his courage....too bad no oone sided with him on taleban issue and left him on his own...but i like his brave stance

  • Afzal Lala seems a decent guy and type of politicians who should represent Pakistanis. It is sad that Pakistanis don't have politician who are mature and have life experience like Indian politicians. Most Pakistani politicians are too busy lining up their pockets, and the real leaders like Afzal Lala, aren't admired by the media. I am impressed by his courage and his just stance against evil minded Talibans. Afzal Lala, peace loving Pakistan is proud of you.

  • Here is Imran Khan who says that its all government propaganda against talaban

  • Imran Khan talks from his sh** hole, excuse my language. He is dangerous for peaceful Pakistan and he should be banned from talking about something he doesn't understand.

  • a group were killing brutally the people ,captured the area and made people hostage ,people were scared and horrified . but these so called men of justice and islam were protecting them .just becasue they did not get the votes and this issue could make popular.

    in last 3 years Ansar abbasi ,Hamid mir and others did not went and stay there neither they tried to investigate what is going on .on the sawat girl video Jamaati ansar abbasi wrote 2 articles one is about that this punishment is according to sharia and the other is "jalti per tail na dalain "

    the hypocrite jamaati are now exposed .

  • i agreed.. if they like talebans and their barbaric acts so much.. why them live in lhr or isb.. why not hamid mir or ansar abassi move along with their family to swat and stay there for good.. then i want to see their views and articles....oh i forgot one more too.. hameed gul the biggest terrorist of all... jahade afghanistan sey ley kur now jahade swat tuk.. its all due to hameed gul and his supporters

  • Ansar abbasi was busy to find a clue against Dogar finally he found 20 numbers issue .

  • lols... yeah he and his investigative reporting.... ghar mein aag lagi hey.. and he is spending his time investigating 20 numbers issue and forgetting about slaughtering human beings in swat in the name of islamm

  • @karachilover..

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  • khan aap abnhi tuk yehan hi ho :) lols i guess last time to aap bhag gaey they dosri thread sey ...oh wow.. jawab miley ??

    did u appeal to imran khan yet? to prsent himself for open flogging for his adultery?

  • nahee nahee yaar..

    cmon.. dodging choar doee...

    jawab doe... 90 kaa mumber doun? un ko yaad dilao.. shayed unn kay paas bhee jawab nahee hay tumharee taraa.. lol

  • appeal kiyun nahin ki abhi tuk?? afterall your leader in so much favor of taleban and their nizam...

    so insaf shru hona chahey..naa.. imran ko 100 korey openly lagney chahey ulta latka kur for his adultery :)

    so jawab miley mere???

    anp voters bhee terrorist hein key nahin (as per your theory) like mqm voters (as per your comments).]

    insaf kub shru hoga??? "tehrik insaf " ka

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  • Truly a couragous man .....hats up for Afzal Lala...proofing his words with his actions........not like IK,KAZI etc who just through words...Keep it up Afzal Lala

  • lols.. i guess jawab nahin hein phir aap key pass. then you starting again personal attacks... i guesss yeh lubo lehja aap ko hi mubarak ho.. i cant go tto your level ..

    i ll still repeat ....thpough

    did you appeal to your leader imran khan to hand himself over for flogging for his adultery....

    do you consider anp voters same as terrorist as you consider mqm voters.. or you dont cuz anp voters are pathan and mqm voters are not.. so thats the difference

    akhir jawab kub do gey bhai..... ya yehan sey bhee bhag jao gey :) as earlier

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