Operation "Rahe Haq"

  • Pak Army is enganged in operation Rahe Haq for Pakistan. I am sure this operation will be successful, and Pakistan will be a peaceful country once again. Here I will request "Fatah" for all jawans who gave the ultimate sacrifice for Pakistan, by giving their lives for us and coming generations.

  • with past record of pak army operations i have no hope

    for example MQM,baluchistan,kargil,swat operation part 1,buner and deer.

    lets hope they can fight against india but i am not sure 1971 is a big stain on their khaki uniform.

  • in 1965 and 71 war was for the Pakistan .

    But this war is for humanity ,Islam and Pakistan .

    Pak fouj ko Salaam

  • Action speaks louder than words! credibility is zero

  • @Potohari

    Qudos to your good intentions, thinking and wishing well for jawans. We all should have the same. Pak army will be successful only when the locals will have courage, shed all fears and come up with credible information which will be helpful in tracking, marking and finally, elimination of black sheep who in the disguise of Taliban, here I do not mean the former Mujahids, are bent upon and allied to a foreign agenda. We and our army is facing the formal criminals of illaqa-i-ghair, who have been self sold out for a price, including the life of peacefull Pakistanis, and are financed, armed and backed by the Pentagon, MI6, Mossad, and Raw in particular. They are pitched combined against the very existance of Pakistan itself.


  • I hope Pak Army will put their record right for the sake for all of us. There is no dount Pak Army is a formidble force which can take on any regular military. One of the difficulities is their training in the plains of Punjab to fight a mighty uniformed army. Talibans don't have any uniform nore they try to show any identifications, I am sure Pak Army will master counter insurgency tactics pretty much sooner for the sack of Pakistan.

  • India failed to crush khalistan movement even after golden temple operation until paksitan gave them all info in silver plate.Do you accept india,USA,UK and afghanistan would do same for pakistan! Think again.. :O)

  • I am not sure if Khalistan movement has anything to do with current situation in FATA. I am sure most people in FATA are sick to death under Talibans. They are scared to speak in case Talibans will slit their throats or rape their girls. However I am pretty sure once Pak Army crushes terrorists Talibans locals will take actions against remaining Taliban terrorists. There is no doubut in my mind Pak Army will over come terrorists in FATA, and above all with thte help of locals.

  • You are fighting criminals and not those motivited by religion. If you are aware of the gureilla warefare, they are not following it. They are impersonating Taliban. They do not hold, I repeat they do not hold any morality other than benifits from anti Pakistani elements and are thus fallable.


  • @IJay

    To cultivate local sources of information is not a big deal. But you do have to provide and care for the safty of the locals if some of them turn up to you and provide you with credible information of these insurgents who happen to live among them. At least everybody among us is aware of our localities, people who live around us, if we do not know most by their names, at least we can recogonize them by their faces or at the very least we may have heard about them and their activities.

    Remember, people do have a sixth sense. If a stranger is among them, they dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure out, maybe they have already sensed, or felt that such personalities are not locals.


  • This is sick very very sick!!

    people stop calling talibans terrorists!!

    stop believing the bloody crap our pyari media spits out!

  • the only thing your pyari pak army did successfully in past was planned military coups against democratically elected government wo beh bloodless :O)world record

  • @Onyxhs

    think, and just dont be carried away. I have no intentions to favour terrorists if infact they are. People like me dont depend on media. Without giving out fully, it is my pe experience of thirty two years that speaks as such.


  • Talibans are terrorists and I am sorry to say anyone who doesn't beleive it is gullibale who lives in cloud cuckoo land or is a terrorists sympethiser. They hang people to terrorise others, they slit throats of innocents, they abduct people for ransom, shall we call them "innocent muslims"? Sick minded taliban terrorists should be hald accountable and their friends should be clear about the prospects if they are with Pakistan or not? I think few people need to live in Sawat under Talibans rather than messaging online.

  • i guess topic was to discuss chances of pak army in this operation and my reply -ve no even zero :O)

  • @IJay

    As long as Pakistani politics contains character loopholes, and lookup towards the military when things would seemingly getting out of their hands, for obvious reasons including attack on Pakistan by anti Pakistani neighbours, army is justified to take action, bloodless or else.


  • I am sure topic is to praise Pak Army and we have faith in it. Long live Pak Army.

  • they didnt even finish lower deer smaller than f-8 sector area u still praising them man get a life

  • Get a life is a big sentence for you, though I don't believe in personal attacks.

  • @IJay

    If Pak army is acting upon order from the current elected civilian government of Pakistan and this government is not, on their behalf, rather than acting on foreign agenda, ordering the army to act againsts the terrorists, then sure they will succeed as only than they are acting and fighting for a cause. What I have seen about the current Talibans, they are definately not humans. No human in his right mind will comit such henious crimes.They had been and are a shame.