Aljazeera's appearant pleasure at suicide bomings

  • It is sad that arab news channel Aljazeera gives such importance to voilence in Pakistan with a bent to Taliban side, they almost celebrate suicide bombings in their coverage. I think Arab journalists think Tribal areas are part of their slit throat idealogy and fail to remember their inhuman treatment of Pakistanis in their own country where we are called "Maskeen". It is definetly true that arabs are the most intolerant and backward nation on the Earth. We shouldn't forget these types of people used to hurl stone Prophet Mohammad(SAW). I am so thakful I don't adhere to their mindset.

  • same here... arab mentality is still the same as ahde jahiliyat.. which is reflecteed from their talebans actions...

    so if aljazeerA is promoting such.. no irony in that... them all are the same

  • Aljazeera is reflection of Arab mentality like GEO,AAj,ptv etc r showing the mentality of pakistanis?? ha ha

  • @Potahari:

    Please tell me how long you have been watching AL-Jazeera?

    It is owned by the Arabs, but the journalists are from many countries, many UK.

    Don't bring stereotypical hatred of Arabs into crticising of Al-Jazeera. I have watched the channel since its inception, I find no such striking bias. As long as you watch a variety of news channels, you will get a broader view of what is going on.

  • Well I been watching the wreched aljazeera for long time. One can see their bias against secular forces or anyone who doesn't follow their ways. To Arabs I lived with Saudis for two years and I have better ideas about them. They are illeducated, and good for nothing.

  • Not a big fan of arabs(its hard to be given their ignorant minds and stuck up attitude) but aljazeera english(atleast) is a good news channel

  • Aljazeera initially was a jihadi Channel Finance by Arabs .Part of the dream of Islamic empire .Every Alqaida video comes on this channel .Aljazeera made many people Janooni while watching it in their home