Is Pak army going to force ulema to declare Talibs kafir like Qadyanis ?

  • After the fall of Dhaka, army realized that awam might eat them alive and the army hired ulema to create a diversion called Khatam e nubuwat...and dug up and created a huge diversion so that people will forget the Bangladesh fiasco...and it was a master piece in politics which the ulema helped create...

    Is it possible the army , to divert attention from the post 911 policy of killing and destroying pathans, and irritating Baluchistan to start a separatist movements, have they create a new diversion and slowly they will declare Taliban as outcasts again ?


    All those who say army is pious and good...I ask them to give proof ...

  • According to some people Pak army is the only institution which is Pak from corruption. They are the only ones who are loyal to this country and do things which are always in the best interests of the country. Politicians on the other hand are corrupt who just steal money.

  • I do not trust the army!


  • Army wants to show that Pakistanis are really on the American agenda...and free to kill pathans this time...


  • Mulla

    Do you like qadiyanis? above statement is very bitter..only supporters of qadiyanis can talk in such manner > :O)

    Qadiyanis called mirza ghulam as imam mahdi ofcourse they are kafir they were created by britishers to start fitna in muslims of sub continent.

    We can only call disbeliver of Kafir to those who don't believe in one God and dont accept Muhammed(pbuh) as his last prophet

    after this prophet(pbuh|) had defined some guidlines according to which who crosses those limits is not muslim

    its up to ulema to decide whether those conditions can be applicable on talibans or not?

  • Ijay:

    I really do not belive these alegations are really true......

    I strongly belive that this is a diversion created by Army...

    cause this fake nubuwat issue was prepartition and to high light this at the time of post Bangladesh is what I have a contention with...

    I absolutely belive that mirzai's should be subjected to strict rules for disobeying the finality of our prophet's prophet hood...

    but the timing to high light this issue in Pakistani politics right after mega loss of Bangladesh by the army which was supposed to "defend" the what I am hinting at..

    Ijay: you are a typical slumdog molvi who mixes issues of holiness with issues of power politics...


  • Mulla

    for kind info threek khatam nabuwat started in 60's where ulema laid down their lives for this just cause please read

    books before disgracing those who sacrificed to save islam in pakistan

  • IJAY:

    I have interviewed many of your fake ulema in this regard...

    there might have been remnants of a tehreek in the 60's but when army hijacked it...just like Sufi swati...

    you see Sufi swati is an ex jamat e Islamic member and has been active since 80's but see his "impact" on Pakistani policits....

    his 80's era tehreek , how candidly army has hijacked and now given global face via media is going to be used to confuse people and a new handle for army to eat money out of the hands of the west...

    I swear to you that these camps which are created by our army will stay there for the long term and exaggerated numbers will be used to garner help from the west, just like the afghan days...just like the afghan days.......

    you are a molvi thats why you like the fake ulema ...and you have no understanding that how ruthless and how bastard your own nation is....

    Please watch this (its a crude manner of education but dark minds like you should learn) link to understand the reality of your ISLAM........your ISLAM....

    Do not start abusing the speaker, as he is a no body, pay attention to his historically accurate points....


  • Mulla are you qadiyani? answwer first

  • No...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Haha.....I know what game you are going to will label me or try to label me as a qadyani or some lover of qadyani's haha....

    so just to keep things clear, astaghfirulla...I am not a Qadyani ...nor Ahmadi or anything like that....

    I am an ordirnary ummati of Rasool Allah, a Muslim belonging to Ahle Sunnah wal Jamat , follow Hanafi Fiqh and Deobandi school of thought....

    I have been called an "indian agent", some have called me "shia", some have called me Qadyani lover etc etc...but the truth is the truth...a simple man I am....I say what I see...

    you are a molvi and I know you well haha..

    so lets get back to the topic and stop discussing a low life dog like should be ashamed and should apologize for talking about me, who has no value or no worth ...lets talk about great people and great topics like how can we save pakistan from the evil of molvizm !


  • yea i am cleanshaved.. can i be stil moulve?

  • What would be your mode of action if Mulla turns out to be a Qaddyani,?

    Also let me know about your level and degree to prefer out of the followings:

    1. Chrisitian

    2. Hindu

    3. Sikh

    4. Budh

    5. Jew

    6. Wahabi.

    7. Shia

    8. Agha Khani

    9. Qadyani

    10. Talibani

    11. Jamaati

    12. Pervazi

    13. Chakralvi

    14. Brelvi

    15. Devbandi

    16. Atheist

    Are all of them evil or lesser evil?

  • well pakistani never supports moulve check all election

    did you see any jamat islami or mulla fazlu party running fEDral government in last 60 years..

    1 morE thing pakistanis are not fools so nobody can trick them in false war ask for support we are very balanced and democracy lover nation.

    As A nation on national matters we are fine what we are lagging nowadays is leadership ofcourse we have a unpopular monkey as president who was even unpopular when he was elected as president.Political parties of pakistan are responsible for this corruption everybody love personality politics..whetehr zardari or nawaz sharif everybody wants his son/daughter to be in power in future..they have enough money now generations after generations can live in peace without any problem but their hunger for power and money is getting bigger day by day..we need revolution even if its bloody we want to see the end of hypocracy era in pakistan!


    Umeed sahar !

  • IJAY:

    ofcourse you can be a molvi.....molvi ism is a disease which infects cleanshaven too.....its equal oppurtunity disease..

    but aside from ones qadyanizm or sunni izm, we should develop a method of seeing things in the realistic form not in this bogus religiousness....

    Even after being a sunni i feel like I am being lied to by my elders many times......


  • JS

    i simply ignore him as i ignore your comments because i know you can be anything but not muslim

  • I belive Javed Sheikh is a very good Muslim. He might be involved in some "extra carriculuar" activities but he is a Muslim and I know that he believes in Allah and his Rasool too. He just does not belive in the model of thought , which is enforced upon muslims by kanjar's turned molvis.

    but he can answer for his own sake...


  • Mulla

    read all his posts!

    he questioned quran he question hadith he question acts of prophet(pbuh) he criticized quran! what else i can say do you still call him muslim

  • ooh pagal admi!

    you are such a child....

    the best way to understand Allah's work is to attack it!

    The real beauty of Islam comes forth when one challenges ISLAM!

    kiya ho gaya hai tumhain ? aqal mari gayi hai tumhari..bewakoof molvi....

    Nabi e pak ke deene pak ka asal johar , ata hi samnay tab hai jab is par insaan war kar karta hai!

    aween tum har ke peechay par jatay hoo....bewakoof dunkey ho tum...

    Javaid Sheikh kabhi bhi Allah ya Rasool ke khilaf naheen hain, woh hamesha molvi ki ghalat bayani or ghalat tafseer ke khillaaf baat karta hai...

    tum wakai bachay hoo...Khan sab sahee kehtay they....tum wakai bachay hoo..

    mayoos kiya tume ne mujhe aajjj....mein to samjha tha keh shayed tum andar se achay insaan ho or sirf wese hi tar tar kartya hoo...afsoos keh tum sirf suni sunai or fiction books parh kar islam ko samajh rahay hoo...

    afsoos yara afsoos...


  • Mulla:

    Kyun apney aap ko bemar karna chahtey ho?

    Unn ko sunnaney ki koshish kar rahey ho jin ke kaan hain magar kaam nahin kartey.... Lagey raho, Allah apney bandon se khush rehtey hain :-)

  • I love to keep a combination of five in one.

    Allah, Bhagwan, God, Rabb and Wai Guru.

    They all reside at my home and don't bother me.

    They help to make my house a very comfortable, peaceful, attractive and worth living home for me and my family.