Todays hamid meer's capital talk must watch: pathan fight with pathan.

  • Watch how pathans are fighting with each other......

    clear indications of a bigger troubles to come....nation ununited is ...............(khudanakhawsta)


  • how can nation come together when they feel govt is keeping them in darkness my friend swat is part of pakistan its not no go area like waziristan everybody knows whts going on there who is playing games with hearts and minds of pakistanis :O(

    jo chup rehe gi zaban e khanjar

    laho pukare ga astee ka...

  • This is really sad......

  • This is the success of Hamid Mir program ,this is a WWF show .

    he used to say like that :

    "daikhain daikhain yeh app ko kia keh rahay hain "

    "daikho woh app ko chor keh rahay hain app kia kehtay hain inhain "

    He seems that he enjoys fighting with his evil tactics and gives a Manhoos Smile

  • pukhtoon awam k asal dushman yeh hain.... kisi aur ki zarorat nahi Moulana Diesel aur ANP Topi k hotay hoye

  • Pathans!

    why are they still sleeping ?