Infact ANP itself is not loyal to Pukhtoons

  • ANP as the NWFP provincial government in the province is not loyal to their own people.

    The leadership (Asfand Wali) is trying to establish direct channels with their lords (USA). He is Shah sai ziada Shah kai wafadar kind of character.

    Actually the CM of NWFP is also not matured head of the government.He is a direct relative to Asfand yaar wali family and never been into the provincial or national level politics.

    In front of the media ANP always blame federal government for not supporting their decisions in the NWFP.

    On other side he is playing a double game by building relationship with PML-N for future opportunities.

    And now they do not have any plan or resources to accommodate the displaced poor people.

    I feel really sorry for all the poor, innocent and needy population of those areas who were never given the rights to make their lives and living standard better.


  • u r on the spot bro!!!!

  • MQM will tell pukhtoons about this wow...