Ammar Afzal, we are proud of you

  • Ammar Afzal a 9th class student from Okara city wins world computer software course. according the details published in newspaper Ammar Afzal 15 years old student of 9th class in the district public school and college got the distniction by winning first global position in Stanford University England’s (SUE) World Computer Soft ware Course.On 1st May, 09, on scholarship from SUE he had moved to england for further education in his field. According to Ammar Afzal his Internet Trainor Mr Simond had challenged him in an angry mood to solve some question, and had pledged that if he succeeded to solve these questions within, Mr Simond would resign from his job. Ammar solved the computer soft ware riddles within an hour. He got 4.99 marks out of 5 in the test which was a world record. Mr Simond stuck-up to his pledge and resigned . Ammar said that he would always maintain deep regard for Mr Simond as a teacher though he might be angry with him, as he had gained a lot from him. i congratulates him for his sucess & yes this is a lesson for us that how people get sucess when there is a firm believe & great will to learn.

  • Well IJay, wont you repeat your fatwa here about muslims migrating to nonmuslims countries being haraam? Isnt Ammar Afzal now a "kaafir" in your version of Islam?

    P.S. I think this whole story is a hoax. Not a single newsmedia carried this news except for this one particular Urdu Akhbaar. Lateron some dude posted the cutting from this akhbaar on

  • sasherwani

    You know what i hate sherwani family because when ever i met any who is sherwani in life i hate them more becuase of their one track thinking... :O)

    tumhare liye ghalib ka shair hai

    Kabaae kis mun sai jao gai sasherwani

    sharm pher bhe tum ko nahi atii

  • Hoax Hoax and a piece of crap,pure fabrication.......We Pakistani a big propaganda machine by forwarding these ridiculous dumb claims.......Ijay grow up........!105985~ForumID!23~page!2~pw.html!105985~ForumID!23~Page!4~pw.html&#reply

    1. The Oracle 9i Track has already expired i.e. before April 2009. SO it is totally fake that someone appeared in Oracle 9i. At the moment, the fresh candidates are appearing in exams of Oracle 11 not even 10g (no one is idiot).


    1. Oracle University takes the exam of OCP. not the Brainbench.

    2. The information like server is always kept hidden. The center where the exam is held may be banned if publishing the IPs and locations.

    3. For any OCP/MCP etc. The encrypted exam is downloaded, the student attempts and the results are submitted. See the phrase in the article ["us ka imtehan Manchester mein aik computer lay raha tha"]

    4. Brainbench is another independent organization taking exams and has no connection with Oracle Corporation.

    5. To-date: There is only one exam of Oracle 9i offered by Brainbench.


    and use the search keywork: Oracle

    1. Oracle DBAs are the Database experts. In case if there is such any problem as the article said appears and where there is even a single chance of $$$ threat. The organizations like banks directly call the people in Oracle corporation who have created the oracle database or atleast the Oracle support personnals.


    a) Agar aik ghareeb ko 1 lakh mil gai hein tu "Let him enjoy"

    b) Agar us ko atleast fame hi milli hai tab bhi "Let him famous".


    "Brainbench" , a free unauthenticated site for doing free certification.....and Stanford University don't need to pick from these junk seervices......and check on LOlz u can find nothing............. well how crap the dawn news is......Moreover Stanford University is US not in UK.......


    Nothing more than spreading hot air and bullshit that our society is always good in!!

    The article presented here doesn’t even meet the minimum criteria of “common sense” and worths only having a laugh.

    I am sure that you are all aware that large organisations (including all financial institutions) have very strict SOPs. International banks and listed companies have a corporate governance framework that defines all legal bindings as well as business continuity / disaster recovery plans. In such an event (where there is an ATM failure) they will get their vendors/service providers to fix it and any third-party consulting consultancy company to provide independent consultancy on it. They never go to kids and professors at universities (no matter how much well-reputed they are) to solve their problems as they are not only too junior and “technically virgin” to undertake such assignments but also because of the fact that their corporate governance framework that they have to comply by all means.

    Rest is all worst form of exaggeration (also called YABLIAAN) !!! For those among yourself who know the U.S markets / financial sector well would tell you that there is no such bank called “allied bank” in the U.S. Yei sirf Pakistan mei hai ya Philipines mei…!!!

    Secondly - if there is a problem with ATM network, then why do they need an oracle expert to resolve it? They should call ATM and network experts. If it’s an oracle related problem, then it would not just effect ATM, but also all other internal banking applications including front-office/middle-office/back-office applications and consumer applications including online banking and mobile banking etc.

    Thirdly no university in the world (apart from Hajwairi, pak-aims, ncbae etc) would take a 9th grade student into an undergrad programme - no matter what he has done.

    Fourthly - Brainbench!!! It’s not even an accredited body. Not even close to an industry standard / professional body such as British Computer Society, IEEE, ISO etc.

    Fifthly - 25K pounds a month salary (with or without expat benefits such as housing and transport) is not a salary anywhere in any part of the world - not even for the CEO of a company as big as Vodafone (who works nine hours a day - 5 days a week) with 30+ years in telco sector after obtaining dual masters (engineering and business administration) from Berkeley. However, the funny thing is that the YABLI does not stop here. The chap in discussion here is going to take a part-time job (as he has also got an admission into the university). Now if you know the UK ’s current immigration laws - then you have further material to laugh at!!! I am sure - the writer of this article did not mean to say that the chap from Okara reached UK through a boat from Greece (after crossing the Turkish border).

    Now the most funny part of it (at least for me) is that even the educated elites (including technical experts) of this country did not argue this. Instead un mei sei aksar youtube per jaa ker us ke documentaries talash ker rahey hein aur bakee-manda aik dosrey ko forward ker kei “hakoomat kee be-hissi” ka rona dho rahey hein!!!!

    Media should be blocked in this country (at least the local one) werna raha saha intellectual acumen bhe khatam ho jai ga is mulk mai. :-)

  • Ijay grow up..........research atleast forwarding these crapy stuff

  • ahan but there is duniya tv clip too hasb e haal

  • Don't believe on the crappy media and these crappy brainless all the above posts....

    Media should be blocked in this country (at least the local one) werna raha saha intellectual acumen bhe khatam ho jai ga is mulk mai. :-)

  • well beenai if its fake please delete it :o)

  • Lolz!!!!

  • wow Ijay u still doubt "If its fake or not".....lolz have some brain man lolz ;)

    By the way who host hasb e haal @ dunya news?

  • Ijay,

    Internet par sab cheetay hotay hain and you are one of the biggest examples. Not only do you publish hoax publications but you are now going after my family name 'sherwani'. I do not care really if anyone makes fun of me or ridicules me but I DARE you to mock my family name infront of me. I will tell you my phone number and address and I DARE you to come infront of me and say shit about my family? Do you have the balls?

  • sasherwani i am cheetah in real life not just internet i have posted this news because it came on duniya TV current affairs program "HAS BE HAAL" if its a HOAX then it puts question mark on duniya news credibility.

    What isaid about sherwanis is my personal experience unfortunately my hard luck you are sherwani :O)

    address phone man never share personal info on inetrnet first rule of using internet.


    Isn't it the same program where this unknown typical "muchhar" figure of lahore try to be an intellectual by giving his fatwaas in front of the guys, one of whom is a renowned stage bhaand (sohail ahmad) & the other is a struggling actress???

    I hope you don't start quoting from hum-sub-umeed se hain after all this!

    This is the STORY OF OUR LIVES!, we are brought up listening to the guys who have no standards or credibility, we make all of it our "iman-e-kamil" and then we try to fight our already exposed case with the world to our deaths thinking of ourselves as some unique intellectuals that the world is having problems in accepting.

    & what are our sources: the likes of irfan siddiques, haroon rasheeds, shahid masoods and all the "Extra" muhib-e-watan urdu columnists and tv channels

    we just search "heelay bahannnay" to love ourselves more & more and that also at a point in time when every one else is hating us!, don't we ijay?


  • @Ucsher:

    ..."we just search "heelay bahannnay" to love ourselves even more, at a point in time when every one else is hating us!"...


  • well Uscher

    why they hate us? who hates us?

    i am stills earching for this answer the closest relation between this is our neighbour inida and its propaganda machine we failed to counter this after 26/11 attacks

    9/11 who was traget usa > result destrcution of AFGHANISTAN and iraq

    26/11 who was target india? result destruction of pakistan

    It does not matter if you have insurgents or brutal factions check rawanda stories nobody bombed rawanda the way they masacred humans taliban can not even come close to it.

    Zimbabwae check youtube how they treated white farmers there

    they also spanked women but nobody's bother except lame excuses and half hearted sanctions.

    My friend this our problem in this mirror we only see ourselves and tell the whole world how ugly we look..

  • Duniya TV shame o you disgraced pakistan ...if this HOAX

  • Ijay,

    Seems like the moderators on this forum are fast asleep as ridiculing someone's family doesnt seem like something that bothers them.

    If so I would like to reveal to you that if it weren't for sherwanis u wouldnt be born today. Ask your mom ;) Just dont tell your dad!... oh hes dead.. no wonder ... probably committed suicide when he heard the news abt ur mom.

  • when person has no moral justification or facts to convince others he starts abusing unknown... sign of weakness

  • haha..

    first YOU post HOAX cartoonish posts..

    then u abuse my family name...

    and now ur crying?


    ja bachay so ja ab..