Imran Khan 3rd most likeable political figure (survey results)

  • IRI released the results of its latest survey. It can be accessed at the following link.

    He is ranked behind Mian bros beating all other bigwigs/supremos in Pakistan. (slide 44) May 11 Survey of Pakistan Public Opinion, March 7-30, 2009.pdf

    @netegr @Justpakistani

    "Acording to Imran Khan his party is the Third popular party in NWFP . (starting from the bottom heheheheehe)"

    Since you two were making fun of him. Here are some hard facts for you 2. PTI is not 3rd but 2nd most popular in NWFP. Way more popular than even ANP!!!!!!!!!!(slide 53)

    Open your eye and get out this hatred boys!

    Your boss Altaf Hussain's approval rating is 11% compared to 38% of Imran

  • HAHAHAHAHA lol ...bas kero yaar .mohat mazaaq kertay ho..shareer kaheen kay

    Yes Reliable for taliban and Hameed Gul ."apna banda "

  • @netengr

    You are too egoistic!!!!

    Kabhi kabhi apni ghalti bhi maan liya karo :-)

    Survey wasn't conducted by PTI!!!!

  • could you tel me the page number of that presentations ?

  • LOLZ @ netengr

    bhai msohail83 bardast kar....waisay jaa bardast nahi hoti tu MQM saay talog joor doo...really interesting and pathetic....have some brain and grow up

  • @Justapakistani

    Ohhh I need a lot of grow up, awesome!

    I will do so sir but how abt this survey????

    Why you guys get riled up every time you see some facts?

    For Altaf bhai you need proofs but others are still wrong even with their proofs. Masha Allah

  • According to this report

    On page number 41

    which leader do you think will be handle the problem...

    Nawaz shareef 55%

    Zedrdari 9%

    Altaf hussain 7%

    DK/NR 7 %

    no one 5%

    Imran Khan 5%

    Shahbaz Shareef 4 %

    and others

    bhai app ko 3rd number per Imran Khan khan say nzer aaya hay ?

  • ginger

    Join back grade school dear. Can you not comprehend?

    It says it in the main thread SLIDE 44!!!!!!!!

  • msohail ..83 bhai

    Slid 44 shows that Like/Dislike .not the reliability and there is no numbering on this .meaning in this survey the likes and dislike of Imran Khan are almost equal .

    on this slide Nawaz shareef has highest dislike rate but He is the most popular leader according to this survey .

    Bahi ,I like your efforts try to find something for Imran Khan but dont be jazbati and accept the reality .

  • ginger

    You're making a fool out of urself... My post is pretty clearly worded.

    Stop being a spin doctor cuz you're gonna fail miserably. Have a stomach to absorb some facts!

    Be man enough to admit you're wrong about his standing in NWFP.

  • netengr

    Slide 41:

    Altaf is at the botton with 2% correct yourself and even in this slide IK is at 3 with 5% after NS with 55% and Zardari with 9%.

  • How can we have zardari as president when only 17% liked him when he became president..another hosni mubarak of pakistan

  • Infalation is the biggest challenge as per survey absolutely correct jab pait mai roti hogi tu hi kihyal ae ga na war on terror ka..More people in pakistan killed by hunger than terrorism.. :O)

    You can't fool this nation its alive and rocking!

  • @IJay

    Given the strength of opposition they can try to force a midterm election with the help of ANP or MQM but they won't do so cuz Americans have told NS to wait for his turn.

    Zardari is incompetent and has been running the show single handedly for a year. Results are in front of us!

  • @netengr

    no problm netengr altaf is the most popular like mustafa is the best mayor. congratulate altaf.

  • i have not started this thread because its already open on pkpolitics main page but people are duplicating same topics here

  • how cud a survey be true if almost 50% of the participants r from punjab or punjabi speaking....thas bullshit

  • yaar main soch raha hoon kay koi survey company say contract kar loon .. aur apni marzi kay %age haasil kar kay yahan publish kar dia karoon ... jo dost kahay ga waisay hi ho jaey ga.. sub khush rahein gey :).... kabi Altaf Bhai ki maqbooliat 90% ho jaya karey gi to kabi Imran khan ki ...

    kaisa idea hay ?? bonga hay ???

    Cheers and chill :)

  • @zingaro

    set idea hay boss... partnership main kartay hain lol

  • even osama bin laden, asif zardari, maulana sufi mohd, have a better % of liking in Pakistan than altaf hussain :P I sympathize with the MQM people, hopefully you guys will see the light and select a new leader for your party.