What is the objectives of this war

  • US Senator John Kerry today said there is lots more need to be done by Pakistan.

    An obvious answer to my question in the subject line is to clear Taliban from NWFP but in more detail how exactly we can find out of Taliban has been taken care of.

    What are the quantifiable objectives? what can make us say there are no more Taliban in Swat. We can say that if Pak Army kills 700 Taliban? or when Baitulla is captured? or when Baitulla and his other accompolices lay down their weapons?

    Also, as US Senator Kerry said there is lots more needed to be done, what exactly is that lots more?? How many more operations are needed? How come none of these questions are answered in the parliament or in media? People only speculate in media but how come we dont have clear aims and objectives for this war? Dont you th ink we need to know these?? As govt. has not provided answers to these , people just keep on speculating and keep coming up with conspiracy theories. In m opiniion the real motive is to erradicate Taliban who are enemies of Pakistan but some say India is behind it, some say US wants to separate NWFP and Balcoshistan so it has a corridor to link oil and gas rich Central Asian countries to Gawadar.

  • @bsobaid

    Realize first that the Mujahideen, later named Taliban who fought against Soviet occupation of Afghanistan were actually Afghan patriots who wanted to get rid of their courtry of foreign occupation. A Mujahid remains a Mujahid, and it take a strong character with high moral and religious beliefs to fight in the name of God Almighty and their country. Due to same intentions they were joined in droves by other nationalities. Such Mujahideen are even today remembered as those who got their country rid of poppy fields. They weilded sticks and not guns in public, after they won their country back from the Soviets.

    The Taliban now generally covered by the media, who cut throats in public, flog women in public, hang corpses from trees, demolish schools etc are the same who even before the creation of taliban, were and are from FATA, and they were very well known since the creation of Pakistan, to harbour criminals and murderers, who commited henious crimes in other provinces of Pakistan and then sought shelter in the than called illaqa-i-ghair and now FATA. A closer look at them and a much closer look at their body language reveals much. Such people have nothing in the name of religion. They had a price, and still have, only now they are paid by the US and India through Afghanistan, and their ranks have also swollen with the Tajiks and Uzbaks who are sharing the spread of terror initiated by the so called taliban.

    I will do add my opinion, the intentions of Mujahideen were honest, and they were certainly not aware of the hidden agendas of the US, JUI, General Zia, the late King Fahed who felt proud of sitting in a Tent in Peshawar meeting such people.

    The US will definately not leave. Today they hold an excuse of Taliban, tomorrow they will have a different one.


  • Thanks Semirza, nice post.

    However, the question remains. What are the specific aims and objectives of this war. We have no doubt eliminating Taliban is the goal but how can we decide on whether Taliban has been eliminated or not. Also, What will be next battlefield. What is the battle plan. What should we expect next?

  • @bsobaid

    Not one but two wars are being fought. One the Afghan resistance is fighting against all the forces combined, who happen to be occupying their country under a false pretext. These people can be rightfully called the Mujahideen, as they had been called when they fought against the Soviets. Then they were backed by the same who are now bent upon their total eradication from the face of the earth. They are labeled as Taliban to confuse matters.

    Those who are fighting against the Pak government are in fact criminals, who if you dig deep as I have mentioned before, are hard core criminals. Question is, what happened to hundreds and thousands of illaqa-i-ghair criminals, who smuggled contraband, hashish, and arms into interior Pakistan? Those who harboured criminals from Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan. Such criminals would escape to the now known FATA region because the writ of Pak government had never been enforced since the creation of Pakistan. These are the ones we are facing now, also labeled as Taliban. They are funded, armed to their teeth with advanced weaponary, advanced equipment of communications to an extent that they are able to listen into army communications. Only a criminal would cut throats of innocent people. Decapitate corpses, hang bodies on trees in public view to be viewed by young and old alike. Demolish places of education etc.

    A true mujahid, is beyond all enticement especially material, as on offer by anti Pakistan forces active in India on the eastern front. Afghanistan, India, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbkistan, UK, Germany and even Israel on the western front.

    Those who are in Afghanistan could never be elliminated. Those in Pakistan would be certainly, by the grace of God Almighty, our armed forces and ofcourse with local support.

    Sadly we should not count on anybody else as no one appears to be in a position to help Pakistan.


  • Semirza,

    we will know when Taliban dies out in Pakistan because there will be no more resistance and guerilla attacks against Pak Army.

    Anyone messing against Pakistan shall pay the price. simple as that.

    Objective: Wipe out Taliban leading to Pakistan's resurrection