Swat backlash

  • our government which has been sleeping as usual and did not do anything for the IDPs is I am sure unaware of the concept of a backlash as well and not doing anything to prevent it. I request tv channels to bring this topic up so something can be done before bombs go off in major cities. specially militant parties in punjab which may have sympathies with the swati taliban can do something.

    All the police should be on alert and there should be a campaign to tell people to keep their eyes open for suspicious people and objects

  • The future of Pakistan is depending on this operation .I do not think that this war can be finished in few months and if army clear sawat it would clear the militancy in pakistan .This could be the long war .All militant in Pakistan have been organizing them self since 10 years in FATA .They are well equped ,well trained and have support in religious parties .

    I appreciate the government to protect rest of Pakistan from revenge .

    The other fear I have that if the militants make some damage then you will hear voices from their supporter against the operation and this will strengthen taliban as in the past .