172,800,048 Pakistanis Condemned Against Drone Attacks

  • Let us make better and save PAKISTAN

    Please Jion a group 172,800,048 Pakistanis Condemned Against Drone Attacks


  • and what will it do?? this wont matter to usa. drones will be stopping only when usa will want it.. not because of some face group petition

  • obviously because he is a karachilover and not a pakistani lover.

  • lols @ na sir na peir.. heather comments are as childish as them could be :)

  • so i guess khi is not part of pakistan? cuz if i m loving khi.. you are not accepting as loving pakistan.......

    what can i say about your childish thoughts...

  • @Heather_Ali

    i gues u live in US.. u tell how many times u protested in front of white house against drone attacks? r u ready to give up US nationality n move bak to pakistan?

  • @karachi lover


    why You guys think so different then rest of us.

    why u guys do not condemn because MQM did not right.

    donot defend MQM ,comes up with ur own views if u have.

    why not u condemn AAfia case ?we all know she was kidnapp in karachi with her kids.You donot think her children were inocent.she was from khi ,mohajir. sister like yours and mine.

    I donot debate on this because I cant satisfy You because You do not want to understand.

    ok @ edmonotn

    and @karachilover

    check this link and read this and let me know how You deny this and what ground.?

    From Mohallah to Mainstream:

    The MQM’s Transformation from an Ethnic to a Catch-All Party


    donot wory I already verify thats a pure effort by one of the kid born in karachi living in US.

    yarrr mujh jasy mohajirooon koon apna defend karana mushkil hoo giyahh hy tum aur tumharii MQM politics ki waja say.

    being a mohajir MQM is a gali for me.

    Thats for all viewrs here not any more MQM represent all of mohajirs like me.and MQM donot own karachi its own by pakis.

  • I will agree with karachilover.. it is right that joining such groups and protesting in this way will yield nothing..except waste of time.. USA or other whom we consider our enemies will never be affected by that because they don't care about it.

    Our aim should be to strengthen ourselves .. when we will be strong internally no one will be able to abuse our sovereignty..

  • Agar face book kee voting credible hoti to aaj Kashmir hamara hota -lol