12th May Passed peacefully credit goes to Sindh Government.

  • The Government of Sindh must be congratulated for good efforts done for passing the 12th May peacefully in Karachi.

    Credit surely goes to PPP who once again have proved to be truly federal Party by keeping both ANP and MQM cool. Though defeated people like Imran Khan wanted to destabilize the situation but People of Sindh in general and People of Karachi in particular rejected him. He could not even get the support of Dozen persons for welcoming him on the airport

  • Imran must be dreaming about leading in Karachi, my 2cetns

    his love hate relationship wiht people of karachi is not new

    its started back in 1982 when he and his elite cousins started rebellion against son of karachi Javed Minadad.....

    Do shabash to MQM and ANP as well.... land maffia, drug mafia

    bajri truck mafia bhata mafia all must be crying

  • Sorry Sir!

    Credit for not allowing any vehicle on road to be burned by MQM or ANP?

    What an excellent example of good administration and appreciation goes to people like you for giving credit to ever-sleeping government of sindh.

    Soon, we will have public holiday for 365 days an year so the power and energy will be saved and high level of public security will be maintained.

    Thanks to people like you!


  • As of now Imran can only win if elections were conducted in cyber space a.k.a internet, where most of his fans (majority of whom happenned to fall below the age of 25) waste their time

    though even then he would face a real hard face off with mqm who happened to be most organised pakistani party even on the internet!

  • Terrorism on 28th may done by MQM

    Terrorism and fear spread by opposition of MQM (ANP,JI,others )every year on 28th may .

    40 people were killed but there had been many days in karachi where more then 100 perople killed in just one day but no one protest .

    One blast from Baitullah mehsoud or teliban kills more then hundred and it is accepted by them but JI ,Imran and other do not say openly that he is the terrorist .

    no one has principals all are biased .Jis cheez say popularity milay .

  • And Also what happend to Imran by the Hands of his own Jamaati Islamic friends in Unversity of Punjab should also be considered.

    If no cars on the road save the Human blood not a bad deal....

  • Govt. is not only to take credit, it should also get ready to accept all the blame. Why Govt. does not accept the blame of killing of more than 30 people in karachi few days ago.

    And if they have accepted the blame then who have resigned?????

  • Govt for once should take be given the credit ...

    as PPP Govt has done its first ever WISE decision ever.


  • no one sees any role of MQM in this,

    very interesting.

    but good job PPP