Crisis in Baluchistan and role of Baluchistan Provencial Government

  • Hi All,

    When the CM of Baluchistan was elected there was only one vote against him. But what the hack this government is doing to resolve the issues over there?

    most of the Parties and leaders (MNAs and Senators) are directly or indirectly associated with PPP government.

    So the my understanding is only the Bugti group is demanding the separation form the federation.

    Now my question to all of you and these politicians is that one one hand they do not want to loose the power or their posts and on other hand they are seeking liberation. What is all this hypocrisy?

    I am sure only and only the poor population of Baluchistan is suffering and being grinded and killed rest all Mengals, Zahris, Bhootanis, Raisanis,lords are enjoying the power and comfort with the ruling collation.