Is Pakistani Government well prepared to handle the retaliation from the Taliban

  • I would like to put a question to all the decision makers in Pakistani Government and Armed Forces, that are we well prepared to handle the reactive retaliation and fight backs from Taliban?

    Have enough security measures been taken to keep the entire country safe and secure?

    An strategy for Disaster Management is in place?


  • rulata he tra nzara ae pakista muj ko k aebrat khez he tra fsana sab fsano me

    watan ki fkar kar nadan musibat aane wali he tri barbadeo ke mashware hein aasmano me

    na samjo ge to met jaho ge ae pakistan walo tumari dastan tak bhi na hogi agli dastano me

  • Pakistani Govt is not ready for anything.

    it is only ready for packing up bags and go back to Dubai .

  • Pak govt is busy looting pak and pakistanis. Once they are done they will fly to europe, usa or uae and new govt will come and take the OATH of looting pak more. When they done they will be replaced by the previous govt. Thats the future of our beloved PAKISTAN. After Nawaz Shariff it wil be Hamza Shariff and after Asif Zardari its Bilawal Zardari