New boundries of Pakistan:The real picture

  • After every military operation we losing ground.lets take a good look as soon as you crossed Kohat Pakistan rule finished if you traveling as a pakistani then govt of pakistan is not responsible.This happened after military operation in FATA.

    You can nor carry flag and raise pakistani slogan in FATA

    When you crossed jacobabad border line between sindh and punjab you can't enter baluchistan as pakistani don't even try to say long live pakistan otherwise you would be killed.

    This also happened after military operation in baluchistan.

    Now we hear and see these slogans on walls

    Hum le ke reh ga azadi tera baap bhe dega azadi

    pakistan murdabad pakistan murdabad

    After swat operation # 1 swat also became no go areas for pakistanis only local swati people can go there but non swati and officials are strictly not allowed.

    This time army conducting operation deer buner and swat and i am almost sure after this operation these area will also become no go for pakistani nationals.

    very soon swat valley also hearing this slogans

    Hum le ke reh ga azadi tera baap bhe dega azadi

    pakistan murdabad pakistan murdabad

    this i called cruel nature of time 26 march 1971 our beloved army went to east pakistan to crush insurgents

    before operations bangali were demanding government provencial autonomy after operation they raised slogan


    very sorry to say we never learn any lesson from history

    we continue to follow this path of destruction those who

    uses armed forces to kill own people their chance of survival is zero.

    rulata he tra nazara ae pakista muj ko k aebrat khez he tra fsana sab fsano me

    watan ki fikar kar nadan musibat aane wali he tri barbadeo ke mashware hein aasmano me

    na samjo ge to met jaho ge ae pakistan walo

    tumari dastan tak bhi na hogi agli dastano me

  • You wish choozay

    .. Another Ijay article that needs urgent deletion. No source, no reasoning and absolutely zero logic

  • sasherwani

    criticism and condemnation without logic is as same as throwing stone in muddy water.i hope you know what will happen to you if yo do this in real life

  • Thisbloody corporate army can set up DHAs run banks and fertilizer factories but when it comes to soldiering it shows its true colors.In 1948 it invaded Kashmir and then retreated with heavy losses. In 1965 after 2 days of the start of war it was crying for cease fire.In 1971 90000 surrendered.In 1985 it lost Siachin and in 1999 it stampeded back from the heights of Kargil when a safe passage was granted courtesy USA.This detestable white elephant gobbles up more than 60 percent of our national income.

  • These baloch people are all traitors. They are enemies of the state.

    We dont need military operations. WE NEED COMCENTRATION CAMPS.

    These people are asking support from INDIA. They deserve to be executed for this. Such filth needs to be removed once and for all.

    They are only 4 to 5 million. Not much for chemical or biological weapons.

  • Though we have problems in FATA aswell but the baloch people want independence unlike the tribals.

    Baloch have never been patriotic since the creation of Pakistan.

  • yes adolf sadam did use chemical and bilogical weapons

    they still pose threat to state of iraq!against kurd in sabra and shatila.Nazi gased jews see they came back more strongly.

    USA dropped nuclear bomb on japan people of japan still as i said force can never solve this problem.

  • Ijay

    What u have told us, we already know, so what is the catch of ur debate. Nations have difficult times in their history it does't mean we ppl think like u. I am sorry to say u have very pessimistic thinking. Secondly only few ppl are demanding so called Azadi in Balochistan & Achakzai Sb. party is handling those guys there. In Swat & tribal areas no body is demanding any kind of AZADI from Pakistan ok. Yes there is situation of law & order but soon it will be ok.

  • IJAY

    u r spreading MAYOOSI among the pakistani just like KAMRAN KHAN. I've give you better idea stop this AA' AA' AA' AA

    & if you have any solutionn rather then critisize on Army then present it infront of the world.

    Or haan kamran khan ko itna ziada na dekha karo :)

  • Irfanpathan i challenge you

    go to quetta bazar or khuzdar with pakistani flag in your hand! you will get my point there

    Pakistani ko choro sirf punjabi ko bhej do he will come back in coffin

  • F.ALI

    i am telling what your country history and your shandar ba kirdar army history telling you!

    Why don't you go near kohat tunnel and try to enter with pakistani flag please dont sit in your bedroom and paste comments. read the topic first before comment or just ignore as this thread is only for those who believe in histroy and take lessons from history not for those ignorants who live their lives on false claims and when their hopes shattered they dissappeared in the darkness with their blank faces.

    THE REAL PICTURE! eye witness account! samajh aya!