Which Of Two Should I Believe One - Need Creating An Ombudsan For Protection Of Men Against Harassment From Women

  • Last month a news item read that the Federal Tax Ombudsman Shukhera has constituted an Advisory committee and Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Sukhera, Federal Tax Ombudsman was notified as its Chairman. This 70 plus is in the age group generally called “one hanging his legs in his grave”. But honestly speaking, since 10-15 years this old internally wishes to live ‘a day’ more as real taste of life has started coming now when everyday a new and new amazing wonderful, unimaginable earlier and elsewhere, is happening in our land of pure.

    1. Just like the above Advisory Committee, with a very handsome grant from the World Bank a few years back a “Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman” was also established. It was agreed that the Forum will be housed and would work in the Federal Tax Ombudsman Secretariat and that the Federal Tax Ombudsman would be the President of the Forum. The نیک purpose, like the above Advisory Committee, of forming the country level Forum was “reformation and strengthening” the ombudsman system in Pakistan. More than once I have heard in talk shows that a big international donation came for judicial reforms and point discussed in the talk show was what “reform” in the judicial system actual that donation saw!

    2. How much reformation or strength in the ombudsman “system” came with that money?

    3. While the above news item names Mushtaq Ahmed Sukhera as the Federal Tax Ombudsman, the Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman established with the grant of the World Bank and whose Head/President is the Federal Tax Ombudsman himself, names with photograph today May 4, 2018 Hon’able Mr. Abdur Rauf Chudhary as the Federal Tax Ombudsman and President Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman!! Are there two Federal Tax Ombudsmen? Not impossible in our country, of course. Un-trustable though, to the memories of this old man Abdul Rauf Chudhary completing his four year tenure as Federal Tax Ombudsman last year has gone after which well known bit trouble creator Anchors Rauf Klasra and Arif Bhatti more than once in their talk shows mentioned “name” of the new comer/successor of Abdur Rauf. But of course, information on the official website of the Forum with no doubt holds and stands official because this Forum is standing on the strength of Word Bank money.

    4. Don’t go away, stay a while. The Word Bank monied and strengthened Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman today May 4, 2018 shows Honourable Justice ® Yasmeen Abbassey as the Ombudsman for Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace. Whereas this old man along with this whole unfortunate nation recently say anchor Matiullah Jan interviewing a young women whom he introduced as “Ombudsman for Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace”. Matiullah repeatedly called her “Kashmala” and later this nation including this old man saw Matiullah Jan being “respected and handled” with show of power in the premises built by we the tax payers for “protection against harassment”. Today seeing the official website of the Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman and Honourable Justice Yasmin Abbassy’s name thereon officially displayed, I honestly feel Matiullah rightly deserved that treatment he meted with, if not the harassment, as per clippings, in the office of the Ombudsman for Protection Against Harassment”. Our biggest national problem since some three decades is to accommodate ever increasing “dear ones” for which new labeled Departments are created. A Federal Minister during the last 30 days rule has been “created”. I suggest a creation of a new label “one Federal and 5 Provincial Ombudsmen for Protection of Men against Harassment from Women”. Five dear ones can be accommodated. الحمداللہ the Word Bank monied Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman today officially also reads Hon’ble Mr. Muhammad Salman Faruqui as the Federal Ombudsman whereas this fool old man “well” remembers last year the ever trouble making anchors Rauf Klasra and Arif Bhatti mentioning and “commenting” in their talk shows more than once about appointment of one new Mr. Tahir Shahbaz.

    5. This old man remembers having heard in more than one talk show about the Word Bank grant coming for judicial reforms years back. The participants commented that much of that was spent on seminars, conferences, tours, renovations etc than the real reforms. The Honourable Banking Mohtasib, under the “reformed and strengthened” with WB grant the Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman, till today believes and tells (if not dis-guides) we the commoners that one not satisfied with his Decision can file a Revision Appeal with the Governor State Bank of Pakistan. This old man understands that when WB grant came and reformation was done in 2013, since then the appeal jurisdiction rests with His Excellency the President of Pakistan.

    6. There must be some hidden “effect” in the water or air of our beloved Pakistan that even the foreign-good-governed when come to Pakistan, get infected with our ways. International Ombudsman Institute which has an office in Islamabad, duly infected to our atmosphere, today displays Syed Pir Ali Shah as Sindh Ombudsman for Protection of Women Against Harassment whereas on the orders of the Court last year he was packed home.

    7. This too old educated from Municipality free schools, foolishly wonders which information out of two he should take as officially correct; for one example name of Federal Tax Ombudsman mentioned in the news item or that displayed on official website of Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman, President of which is himself the Federal Ombudsman. This old remembers the wording of late Irshad Ahmed Haqqani, the most senior journalist & intellectual. He said the word has started solving public problems within minutes through the i-technology whereas in our case we have even “defaced” it.