Act on Advice of Karachi Electric and Become your own Enemy

  • By Shahnaz – 18 May 2018

    In the background of recent life crippling load shedding in Karachi which Nawaz Sharif had finished from whole of Pakistan, Spokesman of K-Electric on 13 May 2018 came out with his usual sort of story as to how extraordinary the company was doing for the Karachities. His Press Release “appeals” the Karachi consumers to use and conserve electricity more cautiously and avoid unnecessary use of lights and electronic appliances.

    1. I do remember a very old TV interview of a senior Police Officer. He was explaining what the Department was doing to control the crime. He was questioned then as to why the crime does not stop. He smilingly gave a very “meaningful” answer. He said if the crime finished fully, then how would the Department justify to keep its existence.

    2. A few years back KE on its website started a campaign advising consumers to reduce use of electricity in the larger interest of the country. As a civic minded citizen, as a fool I strictly acted on it. The net result was that I started receiving Bills excessively. I found the “Present Reading” mentioned on the relevant Bill is yet to take a good time to practically arrive at the Meter. Each passing month the amount of bill increased. When the matter was taken up with NEPRA, KE came up that the consumer’s consumption was found much less than his general-monthly-average, hence he was billed on his last 12 months average. In simple word, due to his acting on KE advice, this consumer was doubted by the electricity supplier “stealing”.

    3. This high fool then knocked at the door of the Federal Ombudsman praying that KE be directed to withdraw this misleading and ill advising campaign from its website. The protector of citizens right refused to process formally my complaint saying this “misleading and ill advice” does not fall under the definition of “act of mal administration”.

    4. I can’t advise others but being wise today I would not become my own enemy, this time.