Elections might be postponed to stabilize rupee of Rupee falls sharply

  • Many would disagree completely but to us it seems pakistani Rupee and pakistani stock markets could crash anytime to unexpected very low levels before elections unless a proper administration is put into place and judiciary is not stopped from creating instability . I expect elections to be postponed if Rupee falls below 140 per dollar . Reason is simple , outside investors are watching that a unstable , hung parliament is being created for next five years , they know internal investors are being terrorized by courts and NAB , they also know Pakistan is not on best of terms with GCC countries , they also know that our bleeders , the nationalized industries are going to bleed us as non PMLN government is not a government of privatization , they know Imran is basically a novice in economy and serious military strategy and economic matters , they know China is not going to help Pakistan like Saudis and UAE did for forty years , they know that heavy internal taxation needed to pay for armed forces and ever increasing army of government servants will wreck internal economy as well .They also know that class hatred is being propogated by PTI and sheikh Raheed type , highly unsuitable for investment .

    So only expect elections if Rupee remains stable , otherwise martial law type government is expected . Many seriously connected families are not participating in elections .