Would 2018 elections result be rejected by Punjab and New Sindhis ? Engineered elections no good for country .

  • The 2018 elections are developing characteristics of fake March 1977 election and not to be held October 1977 elections , this is very very unfortunate . The biggest three problems with this elections are that Punjab's only strong political Muslim party the PMLN is being destroyed and after MQM (Altaf) there is like punjab no representation for Urdu speakers as well .

    This means trouble , finishing PMLN without a solid alternative and stable party and finishing MQM without a proper party for Karachi walas means pure trouble . Then a hung parliament is being aimed which is disastrous for economy . All this cannot work , I do not any Imran khan or Shabaz sharif I see either 5th july 1977 or 18 August 1988. Instability is deeply in the air . It is better to have no elections that an engineered elections . It reminds me of past troubles .