Is Imran even now likely to become PM ? There are doubts arising from unsolved issues .

  • Is Imran khan's prime ministership certain , is a million dollar question . By all outward appearances it is but is it ? .the meeting of chinese and Saudi Ambassador with him and article in newyork times is seen as his widespread approval . The phoning of Erdogan to both Shehbaz and imran tells of a accommodation. But how can imran rule ? He has never ruled , it was Chief minister khattak who was wielding power , so can he succeed ? Is money line , funds was always from USA , europe diaspora , his wife pof past is UK national , his children are UK national . His foreign affairs expert in intensely pro iran with vested in india iran pipeline and modi must have asked Imran about it . Saudi and Chinese visits seem exploratory and may not be so supportive as public is lead to believe . USA has warned IMF that its money should not be used to fund chinese paybacks , Army is giving impresssion of tilt towards china and Russia , our dollars comes from middleeast . Problem here is who will fund the expenses , war expenses , social program expenses which imran claims he has in his pocket .I have this feeling that with incompletely rigged election , only all parties coalition at centre and provinces can save this semi fake election results bearing elections where Urdu speakers have not voice and punjab's main party PMLN is being practically outlawed . This is an impossible scenario . In democracies presidents invite the largest scoring party to form government . Imran is trying to browbeat largest party PMLN in punjab . This is not possible . I do not think Imran can become PM of pakistan unless he can solve some basic issues of finance and government of punjab and following Naeem ul Haq type can lead to ethnic clashes in punjab .